Lebanese revolution squares not Israeli colonies

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

HAS the popular revolution in Lebanon become a mandatory passage for the “resistance-pivot” insurgent group that is faking the liberation of the occupied territories and defeat of Israel?

Are the bipartite battalion of “Hezbollah” and “Amal”, which have been perpetrating night attacks like night watchmen and robbers in the squares burning and destroying public properties and attacking Muslim protesters, fighting the battle to liberate Al-Quds or carrying out the heinous act covered with the mask of nationalism and Islamic slogans over the years to execute Iran’s expansionist project?

The mask has been unveiled and the reality of “chaotic pivot” is clear. It is not for resistance or insurgency. Rather, it is the mafia of destruction and looting that participate in the government with their allies for stabbing Lebanon through impoverishment, starvation and changing into an affiliate of the regional terrorist base.

The pivot of bastards leads to repression of civilized peaceful protest in a futile effort to thwart the action going on for two months but they experience a series of defeats, because the majority of citizens have broken all barriers of fear to the point that slogans of the political swindlers no longer affect them.

Those disreputable people in the well of subordination and deception are striving to throw Lebanon into the mandible of civil war through “exposed secret service” approaches. At times, they employ the tactic of “do not attack the symbols” and then attack protesters under the pretext of hijacked resistance. They deliberately embarked on cheap fabrications to incite sectarian strife through video clips that were recorded at night wherein mercenaries were seen attacking Islamic symbols.

Absolutely, they nearly succeeded in creating a catastrophe – save for the reaction of sensible Shiites, even before the Sunnis and the unified positions in Tripoli, Beirut, Saida, Sowar and Nabatiyah provinces. They lost it and came out dejected and ashamed with their heads down to their feet.

The bipartite Shiite gang does not care about starvation knocking hard on the doors of Lebanese people these days or the pains of the sick people who are suffering at the hospital gates, because their only concern is power … power and power over the decision of Lebanon. They are desperate – even if it means opening the doors of hell through civil war, because the weapon of perfidy is more important to them than the entire Lebanon.

We have seen many proofs of this fact in the last weeks when the “forces of betrayal’ deliberately distorted the image of the real resistant forces who stood firm against Israel before the “pivot of chaos” used slogans to join the resistance line and worked as the security dog for Israeli enemies at the border. The real resistant force is known for loyalty by repelling Israelis during the invasion for several years while facing the campaign of calumny from traitors, because they totally rejected the Iranian project, which Hezbollah wanted to impose on Lebanon.

After the heat of revolution reached its crescendo in Lebanon, the gangsters no longer have power to stop the flood of public fury. Disloyalty of the Zionist and US Intelligence agents is useless, because traitors who have lost patriotism and real affiliation to Lebanon are not the ones to issue clearance or indulgence.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 18447 times!

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