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Letter of resignation

Dear sir, what is the limitation for a letter of resignation to be accepted? For example, if a letter is given to the employer on the 1st of August, how long can the employer take to accept it? Can he accept the letter after 2 months when the notice period …

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I cant take it anymore

I want to ask about my resignation. I don’t want to go to work because I can’t take it anymore. I want to quit because of a low salary. There are duties and bad schedules that I cannot manage. I want to tender my resignation but I don’t want to …

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Resignation Refused

My friend has resigned but his boss has not accepted his resignation until now and the 3-month notification period will end soon. He joined this firm on a local transfer, can he join a new company and is an email conversation considered as a proof of submission of a person’s …

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Sending resignation while on Vacation

I have been working in Ministry of Health Kuwait for 15 years. As per the law if I resign today, I must continue my job for the next 3 months to clear all my dues. My question is that in case I am on my vacation outside Kuwait and if …

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Final salary at the time of resignation

I joined my previous company on Aug 1, 2011. The salary mentioned in the offer letter was KD 750 as a complete amount, with an annual leave of 30 days and probation period of 100 days. The company stamped my residence on Jan 1, 2012 and to my surprise they …

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Notice period salary

I have been working for a company since 7-1/2 years and now I have resigned. I had given a 3- month notice and company accepted the resignation and relieved me in month’s time. Am I eligible to get the remaining 2 months notice period salary in this case from the …

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