69 senior officials resign in past five months

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14 quit on last working day of ’22

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 2: On the last working day of 2022, 14 senior officials resigned in what looked like a hectic activity to beat the deadline to take the advantage of benefits, bringing the total number of senior officials who resigned within the past five months to at least 69, reports Al-Rai daily. Special statistics prepared by the daily show this precedent, which did not occur in the history of Kuwaiti governments of this size, is mainly due to the fact that a big number of senior officials were keen to submit their resignation before the beginning of 2023, to take advantage of the exceptional benefits which is estimated at 80 percent of the last month salary, in light of almost certain information about the government’s intention to cancel the decision issued by the Civil Service Council in May 2019, which provides for this benefit.

The sources pointed out that the senior officials in the past used to receive a percentage ranging between 80 and 95 percent of the basis of their salary, after deducting the value of the allowances that are included in the total salary, and therefore there is a large additional gain for the leader, amounting to between 25 and 30 percent. The sourced added, “The pensions of the leaders differ from one case to another, but on average the salary of the retired officer reaches about 2,500 dinars maximum, in addition to about 1,000 dinars for the minister who has stayed in office for at least two years, but after the 2019 decision, the pension amount shot up to about 3,500 dinars.

The sources pointed out that the leaders who resigned will not all receive an exceptional pension of 80 percent of the last salary they received, because the decision of the Civil Service Council stipulates that, in cases of termination of service and referring the official to retirement, resignation, or non-renewal, the beneficiary leader must have spent 4 years in his senior position. With a quick inventory of the names of those who recently resigned, it is noted that some of them have only spent two years, while others have spent only months in their positions, which means that they will not benefit from this advantage. In this regard, the sources said that there are reasons other than the benefits of the retirement pension, which prompted many senior officials to resign, including the desire of some parties to renew and make room for youth.

This news has been read 9996 times!

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