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Company resignation and visa transfer back to dependent

I came to Kuwait on family visa. After that I got job and that company changed my visa to 18 but now I want to resign and change again to family visa. Is this possible? Name withheld Answer: Yes, you can resign and revert to your original family visa. You …

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Job offer from UAE

I am an Indian citizen and currently in Kuwait and holding a valid Kuwait work visa. Recently I received a job offer from UAE and they are asking me to join immediately. I cannot serve three month notice period in my current company. So I am planning to go on …

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Company is not accepting resignation after 1 yr of service

I have completed 1 year’s service in a company, but the company is not accepting my resignation letter. How do I proceed from here as the company is not paying overtime and no holiday. Name withheld Answer: If you were hired locally by the company, you are entitled to a …

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Resignation before completing contract period

I was hired by a company and I have completed 10 months in that organization although I have a contract for 2 years. I have now resigned from the company and I am a university degree holder. I want to get a release from my organization. Would it be possible …

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Resignation, release & bank loan

I am an engineering graduate and have been working with a company since July 1, 2006. I had been hired locally as an engineer. I have submitted my resignation on Nov 21, 2017 requesting my last working day as Feb 21, 2018 (3 months notice period) , as per Kuwaiti …

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Company situation is not good – Want to resign but company not accepting resignation

First all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Arab Times legal clinic wing for providing such a helpful information. I am a BE graduate (certificate attested) and came to Kuwait on a government project visa in 2008. My visa locally transferred in 2015 to my current company …

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Withdrawal of resignation during notice period

I just want to ask if I can cancel my resignation before my 3 months notice finished, because just now I have known that I am pregnant and so I don’t have any other option but to stay on with the company until I give birth. I have been working …

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Want to resign after two years – Hired from abroad

Good day, I have a question. I was hired from my country and brought to Kuwait. I signed a contract for only two years and I am going to complete my contract in the second week of December. I had a better opportunity and I am planning to resign this …

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Resignation is not yet approved by CEO – What to do?

I am an Indian working in a contracting company from 7/11/2012 as an Engineer with visa Article 18 and my visa was renewed on 05/06/2017. I got another job offer and I submitted my resignation on 14-06-2017. My project manager and project director signed on my resignation. But the HR …

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Replacement not found after giving 3 months notice – Does employer still have rights to hold me?

I have this situation. I am working alone in a retail shop for almost 3 years and this is my second employer already. I am holding 18 visa with no problem. Last May, I submitted my resignation letter to my employer and talked to him that I have decided to …

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