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Tuesday , December 11 2018

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Religion does not require sacrifices

By Intisar Al-Ma’atouq The immediate profit made by those who trade in religion has made their numbers grow by leaps and bounds. Who among us has not received a text message on his mobile phone asking to subscribe for the service provided by a cleric under the pretext of making …

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Ethics and religion

DIRECTOR of Technical Control for Electricity at the Ministry of Electricity and Water, Iqbal Al-Tayyar says the ministry has issued a number of citations against government institutions, including the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs for failure to rationalize power and water consumption. This type of violation does not only …

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Amiri backing of religious tolerance a guarantor of peace – Pope Francis, Kuwait and the Vatican

Excerpt from a speech delivered on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of His Holiness Pope Francis – 9 May 2017 It is tonight my great honor and pleasure to welcome you on the occasion of the 4th Anniversary of the Election of Pontificate of Pope Francis. He was elected …

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The three stations!

THE first station – When Abdul Fattah el-Sisi received power after the revolution that had rescued Egypt and the region from the evil of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, the media declared that an Egyptian officer had invented a machine that can treat Hepatitis C and AIDS as well as other …

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Philosophy of faith

“RELIGION is an infinite consciousness” — Max Muller. I read some excerpts of an article on certain types of human behavior. The purpose of research therein was the essence of behavior in the ancient Al-Rafideen civilization (ancient Iraq). Human behavior, since the inception of caliphate era, has been leaning towards …

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The role of men of religion

A cleric of any religion has a duty to perform and the need for this duty increases or decreases with the degree of progress or failure of society. The ratio of the number of men of religion to the total number of population differs from one society to another and is …

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Of religion and arts – ‘Propaganda tool’

French historian Francois Blofog talked about the motives of militant religious hostility, arts and art forms. He tried to understand the reasons for violent practices against women, such as the destruction of statues and shrines. He stressed that the two religions Islam and Christianity were the most hostile to arts, …

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Movies can help fight ISIS: Karim – ‘Religion is about grace … love’

LOS ANGELES, March 24, (RTRS): Egyptian film and TV star Nelly Karim has played several groundbreaking Arab female roles, including an upper-class jewelery designer who mentors women against sexual harassment in “Cairo 678”, a recovering heroin addict in hit Ramadan TV show “Taht al-Saytara (Under Control),” and a mother fighting …

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No to atrocities committed in religion’s name – ‘Terrorists follow religion of hate’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 25: In this week’s Arab Times online poll, readers weighed in on the possible fallouts of the recent Paris attacks and the Russian airliner crash in Egypt, most voters felt that there is no place for killings in the name of religion. Throughout history, there have been …

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Kuwait arrests eleven Indians for illegal religious gathering

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 3: The Kuwaiti security authorities have arrested 11 Indians, a majority of whom are believed to be from the Indian State of Karnataka for allegedly holding an illegal religious gathering and disturbing neighbors. The arrests were reportedly made over three days and some of them were picked …

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