Real religiousness neither in appearance nor hatred or violence

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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

ONE of my friends sent me an article that summarizes a brilliant thought about the essence of religion, its relation with mankind, and the message of religions for mankind.

The summary highlights the fact that you personally believe that religion is about the way a person treats another, and the fact that Almighty Allah created this world and created us to build it and not destroy it.

However, it is totally obnoxious what we see in terms of ideas attributed to religions that call for hatred, discrimination and violence especially towards those who do not belong to our religion or even our creed, just because of some interpretations imposed on us when in reality, such interpretations are baseless.

The one who advocates such ideas among nations will pay the price for the sins of his actions on the Day of Judgment – the day when everyone will stand before the Creator who is the best of all judges.

Therefore, we extend our gratitude and appreciation to the genius author for what he expressed from the depth of his soul; something which I desire to share with my esteemed readers.

One of the major disasters that we endure these days is the one that has rendered “haram” for the entire nation to flip through facts and sanctify its past and its figures to such an extent that we have become flocks that, unconsciously or without contemplating, keep repeating “the good is in following the ‘Salaf’ (ancestors), and evil is in defying them”.

Our entire nation is moving, and its weapon is what was told by those people who left this world centuries ago, while the advanced world is continuously progressing.

Many of us only understand through the reasoning of the ancestors, such that there can be no knowledge that surpasses their knowledge.

If that kind of concept of understanding is implemented, there is no doubt that freedom of thinking and opinion will be squashed, especially since these represent one of the most important principles for progressing in this life.

The issue is that following the understanding of our good ancestors does not include all the goodies that the modern scholars have provided for us through their inventions and creations.

In my opinion, the output of our modern understanding is the essence of all divine religions, which is to facilitate the lives of our brothers in humanity, and to neither lie to them nor harm them physically or financially.

We remain brothers irrespective of our differences in terms of ethnicity, religion and beliefs that tie mankind to the Creator. It is also not permissible for any creature to stand between his brother in humanity and his Creator – the one who created the heavens and the earth and everything else in existence.

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 21328 times!

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