‘No to exploitation of religion’

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 29: A group of factions and public associations issued a statement to reject the parliamentary attempts to revise article 79 of the Constitution. They insisted that the State of Kuwait is a civil state, and the exploitation of religion in politics cannot be accepted, reports Aljarida daily.

They stated in the statement, “Based on our clear position in defending democratic rights and freedoms, and on our adherence to the civil characteristic of the state, we reject the attempts of the puritanical forces aimed at revising article 79 of the Kuwaiti constitution by adding a text that will ultimately lead to achieving its goal of demolishing what remains of the civil constitutional and democratic foundations for the Kuwaiti state, establishing alternative rules for a strict religious state in which personal freedoms are more restricted, carrying out crude interference in the private lives of individuals, claiming guardianship over freedom of belief, standardizing social life in a way that eliminates diversity, pluralism and freedom of choice, marginalizing women and restricting culture, arts and literature, leading to the installation of an unconstitutional and un-elected body to decide the compatibility or inconsistency of the laws passed by the National Assembly and the laws in force with its narrow view of Sharia.

Despite our realization that the 1962 constitution is a minimalist constitution, we stick to it and do not accept prejudice to it except towards more freedoms. We also strongly oppose any attempt to change the civil characteristic, and the exploitation of religion in politics, with our adherence to what was decided by article 2 of the constitution in its present state.

This news has been read 29074 times!

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