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Release for Govt Project Visa

Since 2006, I have been working in Kuwait for private sector firms. I worked 5 years in one company in Kuwait and in 2011 (September) I got a release from them . Now I completed four years with my second company. Again I want to get a release so that …

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Transferring from Project Visa to Private Sector

I came to Kuwait in January 2014 on a project visa 18 (though the actual job is of a “private sector in nature” and not really a government project). Only a few months after my arrival, the contract for government project expired and my sponsor transferred me into another subsidiary …

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Transfer project visa

I have come to Kuwait on a project visa, Article 18. I have been working in Kuwait for 2 years … my project is still functioning … but can I get a transfer to a private company ? I was trying to find out the right resources to get a …

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Govt project… release

I’m a Filipino hired from abroad and have a university degree in business management. I have been working in a private sector company for exactly 3 years now (since 2012, April) on a salary of KD 250. I was able to sponsor my daughters and put them in school in …

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Project visa transfer

I have been working in a private construction company for last 12 years, came directly from India on a project visa. Now I got a good opportunity and the company has already given me the transfer letter. But the new company is unable to transfer the visa, as the Ministry …

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