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Project visa transfer before completion of project

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I am working as a Mechanical Engineer in a leading Kuwaiti company. I have Engineer visa and valid KSE membership. But I am on project visa.

The company hired me directly from India. I came to Kuwait on Jan 2018. I completed more than 2 years in this company. My present project is not completed. But now I got a good offer from a multinational firm having a local partner for their government project.

The present sponsor is ready to give release after 3 months notice period since they dont have any projects and already having enough manpower.

My question is that if the new sponsor submitted my release papers to the ministry will the ministry people refuse my transfer stating the reason my present project is not completed or any other reasons. I came to know that there is a ministry rule that to transfer project visa to a different sponsor the present project should be completed. My wife and kid are in Kuwait having valid permanent visa. I have driving license and valid KSE membership also. I prefer a transfer visa. Can you please tell me what are the best options available to me in this situation. When I asked others about this different people telling different opinions. Hope that you will reply to my query.

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Answer: As you were brought to Kuwait by your current company on a project visa, the law says that you can transfer only to another project visa of the same sponsor or another project visa of a different sponsor if the current project has been completed or to the general file of the current sponsor.

In the case of the latter transfer, you could get a transfer to the private sector if your sponsor has no objection. In each of these transfer scenarios mentioned, different fees are charged to effect the appropriate transfer.

In short, these are the options at your disposal and you have to choose what best suits you in accordance with your circumstance.

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