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Wednesday , April 24 2019

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Degree holder wants to change from Project visa to Company Visa

Actually I am on a project visa. And a degree holder from India, I would like to change my visa to company visa, is it …

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Glitch in system facilitated transfer of expats illegally

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 28: A defect in the online system of Public Authority for Manpower allowed transactions related to transfer of labor even though these …

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Don’t know what type visa 18 I am holding

I have been working in Kuwait for a well reputed construction company. I had a good opportunity to join a Korean company but this is …

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Project visa transferred to main file and driving licence related to designation change

First I came to Kuwait on project visa in June 2006 upon completion of project then my company transferred my residence to the Main file …

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3 year ban on transfer of residence for new comer expats coming soon

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 8: Manpower authority is planning to issue decision of banning visa transfers of expats hired from abroad to work in private sector …

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Transferring from Visa 20 (Project Visa ) to Visa 18 (Company Visa) – Initially came on 18 no. visa

My issue is regarding visa transfer. I came to Kuwait on a Visa 20 and subsequently changed to 18 company visa. Over the past 7 …

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Transferred from Company visa to Project visa – Can I transfer back to Company visa?

I entered Kuwait in June 2006 on a company visa, not a project visa. In December 2008 I got released from that company and since …

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Transferring Project Visa 18 to Public sector Visa 17

I have been working in Kuwait for last one year. My visa is No. 18 project visa. I got an offer to change to No. …

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Transfer of Project Visa to Private visa

This is to inform you that my visa is 18 transferable visa. I got release from my current company. But now I got a good …

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Transfer of Project Visa – Came to Kuwait on Visa 18, now on project visa

Dear sir, I am working in one company; it’s projects visa, but I came to Kuwait on Visa 18 restaurant job, can I change again …

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