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Sunday , November 18 2018

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‘Houthi’ missiles fly like Iran

UNITED NATIONS, July 31, (Agencies): Yemen’s Houthi rebels are still arming themselves with ballistic missiles and drones that “show characteristics similar” to Iranian-made weapons, a report by a UN panel of experts has found. In a confidential report to the Security Council, a copy of which was seen by AFP …

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Houthi on Karadžic track

INTERNATIONAL justice is usually slow because it is subject to the countries’ positions on military conflicts, but the hand of justice eventually catches up with those who committed crimes against humanity. Therefore, anyone who thinks that Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, together with the leaders of killing and terror gangs, will escape justice …

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Houthi ballistics will not rescue Iran’s peacocks

THE Mullah regime diverted the attention of its people from miserable internal conditions when Khomeini’s coup against Shah succeeded in 1979, in addition to physical extermination among supporters of the new regime and their opponents. This was done by launching terrorist cells in Iraq and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) …

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Gulf nationals are partners in Houthi’s crimes

PERHAPS, some Gulf nationals supporting war crimes committed by the Houthis against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia need lessons in international law and the responsibility which instigators of such crimes bear; but before all that, they need lessons in patriotism and pan-Arabism. It is necessary for those applauding and praising …

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Houthi gambling era ends

WITH the assassination of Ali Abdullah Saleh, they opened the gates to hell with their own hands. They started digging their graves with the illusion of controlling — a desire far bigger than their dreams. The fall of the Houthis was expected since the start of the coalition as their …

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Oh Saleh … ‘Eagle and fox’ once again

FINALLY the ousted president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, has fallen into the very trap that he had built through his coalition with the Houthi gang. This came after the gang issued a decision to arrest its ally for overthrowing the legitimate government. This development signals the collapse of the …

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Yemen graveyard of Persian scheme

THREE years have passed since the Houthi uprising led to civil war in Yemen and opened the doors far and wide to extremist terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and ‘DAESH’ and brought Iran close to the southern gate of the Arabian Peninsula. Needless to say, these militias were unable to …

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Houthi’s Abraha

WITH the Houthi’s attempt to bombard the Holy City of Makkah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with ballistic missiles, the era of searching for description of war with these people ends because their objective manifested itself without any possibility of giving a political analyst an opening to base his …

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