Germany supports strikes against Houthis to de-escalate tensions

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BONN, Jan 13, (Agencies): In an official statement, the German Foreign Ministry expressed Berlin’s primary objective of de-escalating tensions and reinstating stability in the Red Sea waters.

The ministry emphasized Germany’s unambiguous stance, urging the prompt confrontation of ongoing threats to safeguard human lives and ensure the unimpeded transportation of goods along crucial global water routes.

Bonn highlighted Germany’s alignment with a joint statement alongside the United States, Britain, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and South Korea. The statement affirms a collective commitment to preserving the freedom of movement for ships, promoting international trade, and shielding sailors from illegal and unjustified attacks.

On Friday, the German government reiterated its endorsement of the coordinated American-British strikes against Houthi positions in Yemen. Germany views these actions as a strategic move to weaken Houthi influence and as a measure aimed at safeguarding international shipping routes.

The statement underscored the significance of these strikes in response to numerous Houthi attacks on commercial ships since mid-November, which have posed substantial challenges to international trade.

This news has been read 316 times!

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