Iranian Influence Suspected in Houthi Helicopter Attack on Israeli Ship

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YEMEN, Nov 21: The helicopter-borne Al Houthi attack on an Israel-linked ship in the Red Sea has raised concerns about the safety of one of the world’s key shipping routes amid the Israel-Hamas war. The rebels’ tactics, resembling those of their chief sponsor, Iran, have sparked suspicions of Iranian involvement. The attack, which involved rebels dressed in commando-style attire, has highlighted a new maritime front in a region traditionally focused on the Arabian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz. The incident has also increased pressure on commercial shippers, potentially leading to higher insurance costs and stretching the US Navy’s resources in the region. The ongoing conflict in the region has further heightened the risks associated with shipping through the Red Sea, with potential implications for wider regional tensions and US intervention.

This news has been read 1027 times!

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