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Kuwait keen on delivering ‘construction’ material subsidies to those who deserve it

KUWAIT CITY, July 27, (KUNA): In light of decree 232/2018, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is working diligently to ensure that construction materials subsidies were reaching beneficiaries directly and not used in an illicit manner to create a black market. In 2018, KD 125 million (around $412.5 million) worth of subsidies were given by the ministry in a clear indication towards its mission to eradicate malice use of funding. Speaking to KUNA, head of subsidies department at the ministry Salah Al-Rashidi said that the ministry was monitoring prices of constructional materials to make sure that no ill practices were taking place.

Heat Decree
232 aims to create more options for citizens for their constructional needs, revealed Al-Rashidi who noted that subsidies were now paid not only for limestone and paints, but also extended to other materials such as electrical cables, ceramics, porcelain, water and heat insulators, and so on.

In accordance with the ministry’s regulations, subsidies for constructional materials should not exceed KD 30,000 per citizen who is given KD 8,460. ($27,000) for 50 tons of steel, 100 meter of white stone, 2,000 bags of cement, and 450 meters of ready-mixed concrete.

The ministry also offers 15,000 cement blocks at around KD 1,920 (around $6,300) KD 5,000 (around $16,500) for central air-condition, KD 800 ($2,600) for outer paint material, and KD 1,300 ($4,290) for limestone. All these facilities are made available for citizens who have to meet several conditions, indicated Al-Rashidi, affirming that subsidies by the ministry were given to ensure that the materials were available in a legit manner.

By Munira Al-Sultan

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