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Saturday , December 7 2019

After Iftar

Shelling … not just a game

Jewels crown the sands of Masirah Molluscs and their shells have played an important role in the economies of Arabian territories for thousands of years. …

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Ramadan in Singapore

Dr-Ziad-Rajab I have been to Singapore countless times over the past forty years and during that time, I have occasionally been there for Ramadan or …

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This rule has power

Aziz Mamuji The rule is neither the ordinary eye for an eye, nor the soulless you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours, nor the …

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Challenge for change

Amer Theyab Al-Tameemi It has been a long time since Kuwaitis accustomed themselves to the spoils of the oil economy. However, it seems that the …

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Ramadan, summer and travel

Tarek Aleryan This is the sixth consecutive year I write an article in the Holy Month of Ramadan for the Arab Times! This holy month …

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Can my voice be theirs?

Soumaiya El-Azem A question I have asked myself very often is – Will I be able to tell their stories? The events happening in their …

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Kuwait’s ‘strategy’ beyond economics

Dr Oussama Kanaan Each Ramadan, at Diwaniyas and other evening gatherings, I am impressed by the intellectual richness of the discussions, which seem to have …

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Engineers without Borders

Zainab Garashi Chairperson of Engineers without Borders – Kuwait Engineers without Borders – Kuwait (EWB – Kuwait) was established in 2013 based on the mission …

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Abstinence, self-reformation

rbt Holy Ramadan, a period of self-reformation and abstinence from worldly desires; a time to be engrossed in the remembrance, praise, and glorification of God. …

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The Gulf spaghetti: Culture, commerce and commingling

The Gulf region is set to derive synergetic benefits of its multinational workforce and the multi-ethnic population that has been drawn to the region thanks …

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