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Monday , September 28 2020

‘You won’t succeed even in win’

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

IF you set out moving on a road, the possibilities that you will reach your destination or not are equal. The road is tarred and smooth, but congested, and the congestion may slow you down from accomplishing your mission at the appropriate time. Also, God forbid, you may be surprised to collide with another road user.

Absolutely, there is no guarantee for your safe arrival when moving on the road, even if the roads are smooth, the distances are short, and bumps have been removed for easy passage. This is because we, as believers, have learnt that humans are not in charge of two things irrespective of their advancement in knowledge – wealth and time!

A friend informed me about his desire to contest in elections. I pitied his situation as he is a person that I know very well. I know that his hands are clean. I also know that he is not a devil who will keep quiet from speaking the truth. I know very well that he is preparing ground for his troubles by himself. This is despite his good work standing, and that he currently occupies a position from where he can serve his community better than contesting in elections that may lead him towards suspicions that do not match his personality and attributes!

He consulted me, and I expressed my mind sincerely that the problem is not about success or failure, but rather what he will face in the new society where only manipulators can handle. This is because the society respects only evasive foxes while he is not capricious or deceitful!

Here is the problem … I didn’t encourage or assist him, and I will never encourage or assist him, because I see in him a purity that is not suitable for the society he desires. I expressed my mind with utmost sincerity, and clearly explained the defects. I envisaged battles that he cannot stand or that he will change his conviction to join the bandwagon of political manipulators! This is what I will never wish for him.

He asked me why I was not involved in the same battle, and that if both of us win, we can form a lobby team trying to do what it can. I apologized to him due to several things that do not need a mention here. But I told him (I hope he is reading this piece right now), “You will not succeed even if you win! The place is not meant for you and the battle is not for you, at least for now!”

He said to me, “And you?” I said, “No, it is impossible, because the game requires certain skills that I don’t possess and you also do not possess it”. He told me he has seen a smooth road ahead. I told him it is congested, and cars may collide. I added, “Even if you arrive safely, the cloth will be filthy due to effect of rainfall and its swamps!”

He smiled and said, “We will call a patrol team to register an incident report!”

I said to him, “That is if you are safe!”

He asked, “From what?”

If there is no collision, dirtiness of the cloth from the rain swamp is definite!

Twitter – @alzmi1969

By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

“You can’t do without philosophy since everything has its hidden meaning which we must know.”

                                  – Maxim Gorky

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