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You continue to remain our government’s spoiled child

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

ONE of the odd, wailing and whining ‘Brotherhood’ fundamentalists is insolent in what we write about the government’s pampering of fundamentalists (Brotherhood/Salafists) in a notable manner which, most of the time, is undeserving.

We do not understand this adoration, which has been ongoing for decades, as it is done by awarding them reins in Education, Awqaf and Justice ministries, as well as the uncountable profiteering organizations.

In addition, they were given the green light to establish what are known as charitable organizations while overlooking hundreds of unlicensed branches scattered on our streets.

Parked in front of these branches are luxury cars for their employees. We cannot rule out the possibility that these cars were paid from Zakat and those employed to collect Zakat. They twisted the neck of real change in these organizations in order for such people to graze in charitable donations, Zakat and philanthropists.

All this is indisputable testimony that such groups are still considered spoiled children of the government, but we are not here to talk about that.

Our topic has fiercely shaken the entire country, rendering thousands of noble citizens wash their hands in any reform initiative of the government as long as it is at this level of indifference to the feelings of hundreds of thousands of noble citizens whose emotions were bruised by the way the government is behaving.

This government’s abrasive behavior is manifested in the appointment of a young and relatively inexperienced citizen in a vital development council. When other citizens scrutinized this ill-studied appointment, they were shocked upon seeing the curriculum vitae of this youth published on his page in a social networking website.

This young person belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood Group which is banned in most countries, except Kuwait. His endless affiliation with this banned group is depicted in his shocking tweet in which he showered praises on Hassan Al-Banna (founder of the dubious Muslim Brotherhood).

In this tweet, he narrated to us his religious practice during his teenage years and elevated Sayyed Qutb (prominent member of the Brotherhood) to the level of pious saints.

With regard to the constitutionally, legally and customarily jailed Mohammad Morsi, he compared him with the fifth Umayyad Caliphate Omar bin Abdul-Aziz, given that the latter confiscated the wealth of Umayyad Dynasty. Morsi did the same, although this claim never occurred in Egypt.

Worst of all is this young chap’s support for the rebellion or political movement at Erada Square about three years ago. He bragged about members of the movement and affirmed that they are 150,000 people; while challenging the government and completely rejecting the prevailing jurisprudence interpretation of those holding the title ‘ruler’.

Over and above that, the chap has many other controversial tendencies. We do not know if all this eluded our government and its slumbering-vigilant apparatus on this and that, or this is our government’s static policy which is based on bringing the enemy closer and distancing the loving friend?!

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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