You are the real culprits!!

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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

THE culprits from DAESH have been spreading destruction in every corner of the world, with clear exception of those who support their bloody ideology and those who rejoice — even silently — over the massacres and miseries they carry out throughout the world.

The latest crime of DAESH was when one of its members went on a shooting rampage on a street that is popular around the world — the Champs-Élysées Avenue in Paris, France.

Such an act was similar to what his colleague carried out last summer when he ran his car over a civilian gathering at the beach of Croisette in Nice, a coastal city of the French Riviera.

The criminal action led to further constraints on Muslims in France, which has been happening in other countries also.

The French government is now thinking about reducing the number of naturalized Muslims to the lowest limit. It is also considering banning the use of “niqab” and “squawking” at provocative Islamic appearances.

The government intends to monitor mosques and Islamic centers, and prevent those who spread any ideology that agitates bigotry, hatred and calls to get rid of “the other”.

This incident and others before it represent the reason behind the political strength of the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen who is in second lead in the ongoing presidential elections in France.

If Le Pen wins, the roots of many Muslims and Arabs will be plucked. No one will blame her for that because the whole world is currently on that mode and she has what she needs to justify her actions.

However, her chances of winning are slim compared to the other candidate Emmanuel Macron. This is because of her opinion and plans in facing Europe, as she has promised that France will exit the European Union and the Euro Zone, among other fateful decisions, which are not in favor of France’s long-term or short-term interests.

This is why the two losing candidates in the first round of the French elections and the incumbent French President François Hollande supported the candidacy of Emmanuel Macron over fears of Marine Le Pen winning the elections.

What I want to say in simple terms is that Muslims, especially Arabs among them, form the source of the bloody terrorism ideology and are the cause for the oppression of Arabs and Muslims.

They are the first and last culprits behind those miseries, not any other person or party or even country.

There is no might or power except that of Almighty Allah, the Most High.

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By Ali Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil



This news has been read 8559 times!

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