Yemen’s Marshall Plan and ‘misconceptions’ of the bats

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THERE is an anecdote about one of the Yemeni cabinet meetings which took place a few decades ago, at a time the government was trying to find a development plan for the country and due to lack of resources to execute the one; a minister said: “Why not benefit from the United States of America’s initiative to rebuild Europe after the Second World War known as the Marshall Plan?”

Other ministers denounced his word and one of them responded to him: “How can we benefit from a plan that has no relation with the Arab World? It is specific to Europe.”

The minister then responded back: “The US declared the Marshall Plan – officially the European Recovery Program (ERP) — to reconstruct Europe after its participation in the Second World War. This was part of the compensation for the continent that was destroyed and suffered from the choking economic crisis. We can declare war on the US and then it will reconstruct Yemen after defeating us.”

One of the ministers interjected saying, “Imagine if we manage to defeat the US, we do not have the ability to reconstruct that country.” This anecdote applies to the ‘putschists’ in Yemen.

In this regard, there are two issues worth pointing out — the Houthis rallying behind the Persian expansionism scheme believed for a moment that they have the ability to defeat the Arab coalition and the Yemeni legitimacy, and the jerk who has been demonized by the greed to return to power also believed he can achieve his dream at the same time.

In both cases, they all believed they can achieve their objectives while the coalition countries embark on the reconstruction of Yemen through the Gulf Marshall Plan. Also in both cases, delusion and misconception are controlling the demeanor of the ‘putschists’ gang in Sana’a.

The gang is not aware of what has been achieved on the ground over the last three years and the international resolutions which confirm there is no place for them in the future of Yemen. Thus, it is impossible to bet on the defeat of the Arab alliance because the International Criminal Court is waiting for Ali Abdullah Saleh, Abdulmalik Al-Houthi and everybody in their party who are involved in shedding Yemeni blood.

Moreover, the regional sponsor of the gang is also on his way to the international judiciary due to the terrorist crimes he committed in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon; in addition to the terrorist attacks carried out in different places around the world since the declaration of Al-Khomeini, who commanded the coup against Shah Muhammad Reda Bahlawi in 1979, about exporting the revolution until today.

The ‘jerk’ and his ally, the commander of the Houthi devastation, should be aware that the Arab alliance was born only to support what is right, restore legitimacy and defeat the Persian project in the region. The Arab alliance was not born to be buried in a settlement which puts that ‘jerk’ to power and leaves the Houthi terrorism cancer alive to continue threatening the Arab Peninsula.

So, any betting on a benefit that might come in favor of the coup plotters as a result of prolonging the suffering of Yemenis is nothing more than an illusion which will never ever come true. They will not have any share in the Gulf-Arab Marshall plan for the reconstruction of Yemen.

Directing from this point — they, as well as Iran, have to read well the results of the recent Arab alliance meeting held in Riyadh and the statement of Saudi Crown Prince and Minister of Defense Muhammad Bin Salman when he said, “War continues until any possibility of creating another ‘Hezbollah’ in Yemen is wiped out.”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 8965 times!

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