Will ‘Sykes Picot’ be rewritten? – Time running out for Arabian Gulf

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Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

What is happening in Halab (the original ancient name of Aleppo) is a chain of events moving in the direction of Syria’s destruction – the country that has become the breeding ground for international gangs of killers and propaganda machines to settle sectarian scores.

It is obvious the problem cannot be put to rest by any other means rather than the use of force. The dialogues, talks and meetings are mere efforts to buy time. The horizon looks dull and with each passing day we see hidden hands working in coordination to commit murders without concern for innocent lives.

This scenario has poured cold water on all hopes of a breakthrough to bring about truce among the warring parties. To the contrary, it is unfortunate to say we don’t see a ray of hope to end the devastation. The situation is mainly caused by various regional and international powers into that brackish lagoon – powers which have their own agendas and priorities which have been drawn for the citizens of that country to execute.

There is no need to follow up the Geneva dialogues, because it was merely a waste of time. The opposition whether you like it or not, is working to promote the agenda of their sponsors.

The regime has also been a part to the talks based on the arrangement made by the sponsors, to give meaning to the outcome of these talks. History has taught us that whenever external forces interfere to come out of the situation is totally a different ball game. Payment of the bills is mandatory and more often than not they are paid in the blood of the owners.

All red lines in the Levant (Al-Sham) have been crossed. The Worst scenario in the war ravaged country is beyond recognition. It is now difficult or even impossible to restore normalcy and bring the country back to the pre-war era.

The initiative to divide the country is emerging from all directions. The US Secretary of State John Kerry has even hinted in that direction. DAESH holding tight to certain areas is another indication that changes in the political map is imminent.

We will not forget the near autonomy enjoyed by Kurdistan as if another Sykes Picot is being cooked on a slow fire fueled by the killing of innocent people in the Levant. We have to remain alert because any restructuring of the political map may not affect only us geographically, but it may extend to other regions.

For instance, Iraq looks set for a change and the demographic change is already ongoing in many regions with all seriousness with the blessing of those who have drawn the map — the superpowers — so those who watch very closely must take note that changes on the ground target several areas in Iraq and Syria. This is because some residents are forced to leave their homes to be occupied by others, which is not a matter of coincidence.

Finally, the GCC countries should act decisively in Yemen as soon as possible and by all available means. What we see happening in Yemen is occupation and depletion of the capabilities of Sana’a. It is possible to be satisfied with excellent achievements accomplished so far and change the method of crisis in a way that will protect the interests of all. This is because the current challenge is about the US-Russia-Iran coalition, which has been taking shape clearly.

The capabilities of the regional powers cannot confront that coalition, but it is possible through wise political initiatives to handle the issue in a manner that is appropriate for our interests rather than the interests of the coalition.

Accomplishing positive results, at least, requires putting an end to the mockery of killings, bloodshed and displacement in the Levant, particularly in Halab.

The issue is serious. It is not easy. If the Arabian Gulf nations fail to unite they will not be far from the reach of evil plans.


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

This news has been read 5626 times!

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