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Will our government abandon its habits?

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THE government of the State of Kuwait has requested via Interpol a government (Bosnia and Herzegovina) to hand over a young Kuwaiti citizen who has been convicted in final judicial rulings totaling one century and 61 years, or 161 years.

The crimes this young man is accused of are crimes, as per the Kuwaiti laws that are incompatible with all human rights, referred to as “crimes of opinion” through social media, which the West has plagued us with for years. It is said that the young man was sentenced in one of the verdicts for possession of a weapon.

Had the government dealt with all the perpetrators of crimes in the same spirit, this unprecedented ruling would not have caught our attention. However, we, for example, see with our own eyes an individual roaming on the streets of London even though he stole hundreds of millions while in the Public Institution of Social Security. His beautiful daughters live out their fantasises in Paris and Los Angeles, and buy expensive homes, clothes and cars with our looted money. Our rational government is watching them just like us, and is not seriously requesting the Interpol or the friendly British government to hand over that thief so that he can serve his sentence and return the rest of our money.

Apparently, the reason is that one of his beautiful daughters threatened to reveal the names of the influential individuals who participated with her father in stealing our money – May God punish this thief and the laggards among the officials of our unwise government for not inflicting punishment on him.

This is a simple example of the selectivity in pursuing violators of laws. We saw the firmness shown towards Twitter users who were sentenced to prison terms totaling more than eight centuries, as told to us by our friend, the human rights activist Professor Anwar Al-Rasheed.

We know that our government pays no attention because no one will hold it accountable except God on the Day of Judgment . The accountability of the selective laggards will be according to the constitution, which is in the hands of the members of the National Assembly, but this is also selective accountability.

Most of the MPs pay more attention and insistence on the pardoning of their colleagues who fled to Turkey. The evidences against the perpetrators of those crimes in both audio and visual forms were seen by most of the honorable people of Kuwait and the people of the earth as a whole.

We rely a lot on the international human rights institutions, which held our government in a difficult accountability last week in Geneva. The government’s defense of its violations of international norms and conventions on human rights was weak unfortunately, as it was necessary to involve official non-governmental institutions and civil society organizations concerned with human rights to respond to the accusations of international human rights bodies against Kuwait in terms of violations of the human rights of citizens and residents with unjust and selective laws in implementation. Such a response should have been either through denial or by seeking to stop these violations and amend laws that are hostile to freedoms.

However what shall we do if the government doesn’t change its habits, that is to say “Always has been, always will be – with great regret”, and the victim is the people of Kuwait and those who reside here with them.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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