Will Assad’s visit to the UAE end the Arab demonic war?

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THE United Arab Emirates won the bet that political realism is an entry point for resolving Arab-Arab disputes, and that Syria’s survival outside the flock means more weakness for the entire nation.

Therefore, reducing tensions between brothers opens the doors to practical and pragmatic approaches to resolving the region’s crises, especially in light of the complex regional circumstances.

This Emirati keenness to not marginalize Arab efforts to confront challenges and avoid the evils of strife has bravely opened the door for the resumption and strengthening of relations with Syria, through the meetings held between its President Bashar Al-Assad and the Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, and the Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.

Based on this, the Syrian president’s visit perpetuates the conviction of the need for political communication, openness and dialogue at the regional level, which was absent in the midst of the Syrian war, as some Arab demons sought to take advantage of the spontaneous events in Tunisia to bring the Muslim Brotherhood Group to its rule, and they then deliberately destabilized the security of Egypt, after which the entire Arab system collapsed.

On the other hand, these demons chose Syria, Iraq and Libya to form pincers to encircle the region and control the Arab world. They considered extremists of all sects and religions as the main force for the success of their project.

The Iranian-Brotherhood-Turkish harmony was the one that led to bloodbaths in Libya, Iraq and Yemen, and of course Syria.

For a decade, the Syrian regime faced hundreds of thousands of fighters from all over the world, supported by some Arab and great countries. Eventually, it was able to eliminate most of them and restore stability to this country, at a time when the war led to the migration of minds and financial and economic elites, in addition to millions of citizens on whose faces several Arab countries closed the doors, especially those engulfed in war. A significant number of them found refuge in European countries.

If some regional powers today believe that the current international conditions can help them turn back the clock and reopen the Syrian wound, the return of Damascus to play its role in the Arab collective effort constitutes a powerful lever to confront the evil forces, which will be translated in the near future from the results of the visit of the Syrian President to the UAE, which is seeking to unify Arab efforts to face the major regional and international challenges that lie ahead.

A fact to be highlighted is that the UAE has started working seriously on restoring Syria to its Arab role, and thus culminates other Gulf efforts, which realized early on that what was being planned had been targeting the entire Arab world.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 28309 times!

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