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Monday , December 6 2021

Who’s going to bell the cat?

 ‘You should have refrained from issuing such defective decisions, especially as they were issued regarding activities that were never practiced but rather prohibited in accordance with the decisions of the Council of Ministers in this regard, particularly during the difficult period of the Corona virus which caused the disruption of work in all ministries and State institutions.”

Accordingly, your authority’s withdrawal of this decision is not considered a favor but rather a duty and a correction to what it did when it decided to spend on activities – if they were originally practiced – under these difficult circumstances punishable by law for violating the decisions of the Council of Ministers issued on banning them.

As for the two resolutions (4144/2021) of May 27, 2021, regarding the disbursement of financial rewards to participants in the last ten days of Ramadan for the fiscal year (2020-2021) and (4147/2021) of May 27 2021 regarding the disbursement of financial rewards to the participants in the summer clubs for the year (2020-2021), the Civil Service Commission (CSC) confirms the incorrectness of these two decisions, both of which were issued regarding activities to be practiced at that time that go against reality and logic.

The question that arises here is “What activity can be practiced while all mosques are closed, and there is a total ban imposed in all parts of the country? In addition, by reviewing the statements attached to your two decisions, the subject of the violation, it was found that the majority of the expenditures are for secretaries, administrative supervisors, employees, what role is entrusted to these?

This is with reference to the fact that your authority has previously inquired about the permissibility of disbursing the reward for cultural and preaching lessons to the Kuwaiti Imams by means of remote communication (online) – the CSC replied in its letter No. 16-08-2021 stating that it is not permissible to grant this reward to those who carry out the work of cultural lessons and preaching who have done their work through this medium (online), and accordingly your authority should have adhered to this principle in all activities.

However, in violation of this principle, it issued two disbursement decisions, and this cost the State approximately 240 thousand dinars, which was unlawfully disbursed to 1,195 employees whose names were mentioned in the statements attached to the two aforementioned decisions.

Therefore, the CSC confirms that the violation is still present, and requires the necessary correction, along with providing it with evidence of the recovery of the amounts that were unlawfully disbursed to those included in the two resolutions subject of the violation.

It is a severe criticism, unequivocal accusations of harming state funds, explicit violations of Cabinet decisions, and unjustified waste of public funds. What is even more painful is that the party which directed the accusation is strictly a government body, and the accused party is neither a sporting nor an artistic body, for example, but rather the Ministry of Awqaf, which is entrusted with the matter of inciting righteous morals, defending values and preserving religion.

After all that, no decision has yet been issued to punish those responsible for this scandal and many others similar to them, and we are still waiting for someone to move, such as the prosecution or Nazaha to investigate the matter.

e-mail: a.alsarraf@alqabas.com.kw

By Ahmad alsarraf

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