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Where does dividing line end?


THE issue of “anti-Semitism”, or the Jews in particular, gained attention with the end of World War II especially after the tragedies that Jews were subjected to in Europe and Germany in particular.

Despite the disagreement over the number of those killed or burned in torture camps during that extermination, this did not reduce the size of the human crime against these innocent people.

Anti-Semitism is not a new issue, but it has its roots in the early days of Christianity, and subsequently Islam. It began in the Christian conscience with the incident of Judas Iscariot who betrayed Christ, and the subsequent crucifixion of Christ because of Judas, and the curse falling on the Jews for eternity, until a few decades ago when the Vatican absolved the Jews of the responsibility of killing Christ.

The term anti-Semitism was first used by German Wilhelm Marr to describe the wave of anti-Semitism in Europe in the mid-nineteenth century.

Although the Arabs, Assyrians and others belong to the Semites, the hostility of the Europeans towards them is not comparable to their anti-Jews attitude, and this is what led to the expulsion of most of them from Western Europe to the East and Central Europe and to the Maghreb (North Africa) countries.

In the modern era, anti-Semitic political parties were formed in Germany, France and Austria, and the Jews were in doubt about their loyalty to their homelands, wherever they were. The hostility reached its peak with the arrival of Hitler and the Nazi Party to rule Germany in 1933.

 Although the Jews lived in some periods in peace with Muslims in the East, depending on the mood of the ruler, they encountered various forms of discrimination against them, and were forced to wear a special uniform that distinguished them.

Moreover, their dealing with usurious benefits made them a target for their enemies, and consequently they were subjected to several massacres, including the Safed massacre in 1838 when Muslims and Druze killed them and plundered their property.

The political vacuum in Iraq, after the fall of the Kilani government, caused the Jews, property and lives to be attacked and murdered, especially after the declaration of the establishment of Israel.

 Returning to the situation of the Jews in France, we find that until today they are subjected to harassment, and they have enemies within the French elite, and this prompted the Jewish leaders to seek to criminalize anti-Zionism, as they have previously succeeded in criminalizing anti-Semitism, in the same way that French law punishes racial discrimination and xenophobia (fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners), generally.

The term Zionism is political in essence and appeared in the 19th century and was adopted by Theodore Herzl. It aims to encourage the establishment of a Jewish national home in the Land of Israel due to the near impossibility of their integration into the countries they lived in, according to Herzl.

From all of this, we see that Western countries deal with their sensitive religious problems and issues in a professional and legal manner, and this is what Israel has done well in its use for its benefit while we have failed.

Some of us, the most gullible and the least educated wanted to retaliate from any party that offends the symbols of Islam with their hands, exposing millions, including their family and friends to great danger, without a definitive result.

Consequently, we need to act rationally towards the West or the French in particular on issues of hostility to Muslim religious symbols. One of them may push others to carry out terrorist acts to demand the prohibition of offending other symbols. Where does the dividing line end?

Thus, rational Muslims have no option other than resorting to the French legislator to protect our symbols from offense, and not to cut off the heads of those who do not like us.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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