What did Dr Sobouh say?

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This article is a quote from the latest article written by Syrian doctor Kamal Sobouh which was published on Sept 28 last year. However I have made some changes to match what is happening in Kuwait. Only the blind did not see how the mosques were turned into the dens of terrorists, and how the minarets were used by snipers.

Only the deaf have not heard the sectarian slogans since day one. Only the madmen who believe to this day that Islam is the solution and do not realize that many of its elders are the core of the problem and that all the peoples of the world believe in the validity of their religious beliefs but do not kill those who oppose them.

After all that happened – sufferings and acts of horror we saw from the radicals, we thought that governments would embrace secularism but their trains depart from the Ministries of Awqaf, trains which move at a maddening speed towards the caves of history.

We waited for the State to put an end to some religious symbols but instead we saw them filling satellite channels. We waited for the State to control the influence of the Ministry of Awqaf because its students and graduates were the first to move against it.

We found the Ministry of Awqaf dominating the councils, controlling ministries and destroying the future of our sons at a time when everything else has been scaled down by big Arab nations, but those around us do whatever they want. We expected governments to limit the expansion of religious schools but their numbers are doubling, their students are paid, and their graduates have priority in employment to the extent they fill the legal space although they have nothing to do with law.

The Awqaf has become a state within a state without exaggeration. It has an army of clerics and preachers who control the fate of tens of thousands of its members.

It is the reference in everything published, not the Ministry of Information. If we look at its new castle (HQ) on the Fourth Ring Road, we will know the extent of its work and the strength and power and this includes the influence and huge budgets.

The influence of those responsible for them has seeped into the textbooks, curricula and many political matters for decades. Is it not right for our minds to be relieved from this religious dose and not affected by this negative outpouring of advocacy and those who call for keeping away from knowledge, science and modern technology that surround us? Do our minds have to remain hostage and listen to talks about some Islamic heritage under the pretext it is valid and applicable at all times?

Why we are not allowed to wonder why others especially the West has not taken anything from such heritage? Why do we insist to use the horse to plough the land while it is more useful for the horse race? Why don’t we look at the experiences of countries that were a hundred years or a half century ago at the bottom or did not even exist like Singapore, and with time, thanks to their adoption of Western science and technology to become one of the best countries in the world not only in their scientific progress, their human production and their service to humanity but also in the field of ethics in a manner it has become a high example of righteousness and a model to be followed especially in the most secular countries in the world, such as the Scandinavian countries, and Japan?

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf
e-mail: [email protected]

This news has been read 15771 times!

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