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Well done, Saudi Arabia


In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia no day passes without seeing and hearing reports about tremendous changes, and beautiful in the sense of the word. The changes include in the area of education, politics, fighting terrorism, spreading a new culture, and opening up to the world. What has been going on for nearly two years in the Kingdom is unbelievable, and even strange to think about.

The US Congressman Scott Perry addressed a query to a senior official of the US State Department about the US government’s position on Saudi Arabia, and what has been agreed on with the Kingdom on the need to fight religious fundamentalism and the extent of the Kingdom’s compliance with this, the official said that one of the results of President Trump’s historic visit to Riyadh is opening a center to fight radical religious discourse and the center has now been working well and following a number of ways to fight extremism around the world.

He added the State Department inspected and followed up one of these means involved in the printing, publishing and distribution of new textbooks and teaching materials included in the curriculum of the schools in the Kingdom which are financed or sponsored by the Kingdom around the world which promote extremist thought that justifies violence.

The State Department has called on the Kingdom not to be satisfied by only changing the textbooks material but must withdrawing the old books. The Center for Fighting Fundamentalism will cover a wide range of social media and other media, and explained how to train imams and young people in Islamic education centers, and that the department works with the Saudis to establish a good center, including setting up standards to be held accountable, which is one of the external functions of the department with the Kingdom government.

The Saudis know the source of danger, and not only they fight it, but also seek to uproot it, and what we see from intellectual retreats by the senior men of the Awakening is only a simple example of the change that we have seen. Such change had an impact on us when a short time ago a clergy congratulated the Shiites during almost all last days of Ramadan and that is good because better late than never, but those who adopt positions of several decades ago, will not hesitate to abandon the new ones later.

In Kuwait, we need to uproot extremism, especially those representing international organizations that have been branded by friendly countries as terrorist organizations, and certainly those who believe that there is no danger from these organizations lives an illusionary life.

The government’s unjustified silence on the fact that such parties collect hundreds of millions of dinars a year and not know exactly where these huge sums of money is going, is puzzling.

Two biggest religious associations and their subsidiaries collect hundreds of millions of dinars every year in the form of all kinds of donations. The question: Where does this money go? What are their banks? Why should not at least one association publish its financial reports so that everyone knows their activities instead of leaving things to gossip?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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