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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHEN the nation needed resolve, the Kingdom of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud acted with strong determination in designing the renascence without slacking. The ‘Decisive Storm’ averted destruction and woes waiting to befall on the region once the Persian enemy’s plan succeeded.

King Salman rejuvenated the development movement in the Kingdom which hurried towards that course through bold decisions. Therefore, peace and security go hand in hand with major projects. Through this, the Kingdom had major accomplishments within a very short period since he took the reins of power.

Amid these mighty development steps, the people of Saudi Arabia are close to enjoying the wealth of their land. The Kingdom of splendor, peace, security and stability has prompted its people not to look at other countries that kept on spending their wealth on leisure, especially putting internal tourism on top of its social service priorities.

This step is based on the principle, “You owe duty to your Lord, you owe duty to your body, you owe duty to your family, so you should give to everyone what is due to them.”

All this would not have happened without a leadership that sees “importance of the nation, not wealth or self.” It is able to inspire others to work towards astounding creativity in various aspects, and stand firm in facing and overcoming challenges not only for its people, but for the entire Gulf.

This is what the Kingdom is all about today, O King of Arabian Peninsula. The King cooperated with his brethren and leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council in forming a strong-willed coalition to combat aggression. Through the coalition, the aggressors were defeated. What the remnants of Iran’s agents in Yemen are doing now is nothing but the desperate move of a dying person. Their practices are nothing more than a child’s tantrums.

The Kingdom has carried out the responsibility of protecting this nation because, as mentioned by Vice-President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) HH Sheikh Muhammad Rashid, it is the “guarantor of stability.” Through the Kingdom’s wisdom and determination, we trust its captainship of the region under delicate and historic circumstances.

Also, as stated by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, UAE HH Sheikh Muhammad Zayed Al Nahyan who spoke on behalf of all GCC nationals, “the Gulf region is a tent and its pillar is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Everyone in the region strives to ensure that the tent stands upright to cover us with peace, security and steadfastness. The tent’s stability depends on the main pillar that holds it.

Almighty Allah chose this peninsula as the place for the descent of Islam — message of enlightenment, love, light and good deeds. The Almighty Lord granted it with a leadership whose first and last priority is to prosper with the Kingdom of glory, working towards more prosperity and civilization to show the real image of moderate Islam to the entire world.

The Kuwait-Saudi Arabia historic relations do not need an explanation or promotion. Therefore, the joyful reception that the Kingdom’s visitors receive is a manifestation of decades of brotherhood, love and partnership on the course and destiny.

As the Kingdom reminds their visitors of the glad reception that the late King’s grandfather and father received on this beloved land, which Kuwaitis regard as the epitome of love; the historic stances recorded between the two countries are innumerable. The highlight is the Kingdom’s stance in 1990 when it played a crucial role in liberating Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion.

Thus, the reception that King Salman will receive in Kuwait — the capital of global humanitarian work — comes from hearts which love the Kingdom and its entire leadership.

It is the reception of warmhearted people, the kind of reception you received in UAE, Qatar and Bahrain whose capitals were adorned beautifully. It is the kind of reception which prompted the tongues of poets to express love and fondness of all GCC nationals for the one who created glory for them.

Perhaps, Almighty Allah will bring together the hands of GCC countries so they become a single entity that is adamant so the enemy does not seize it.

Welcome to your second country, among your family and kin, O King of resolve, determination and blessed renascence.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 12691 times!

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