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Saturday , January 16 2021

Watch ‘fabricated pandemic’ movie

BY chance, I came across an interesting American movie on the Netflix television network. The movie I am talking about is called “Contagion”, the main characters of which are Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow and other top-class American actors.

The movie released in 2011, which was nine years ago, and it somehow managed to fully captivate me in terms of its scenes, which accurately describe, or rather depict the invasion of a disease that has symptoms similar to the COVID-19 virus.

According to the movie, the disease emerged in China, and ravaged the United States of America in terms of high death rate, which continued until a drug that cost billions was discovered.

As per the movie story-line, the US had the highest death toll compared to other countries of the world. The twist in the story is that the spread of this deadly disease was orchestrated by tycoons of pharmaceutical companies, who succeeded in creating this virus and treating it, thus pocketing billions of dollars in the process.

Surprisingly, the scenario of this movie is a true carbon copy of what the world is currently enduring in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will definitely trigger more questions about all the measures taken to confront this predicted disease.

We are used to seeing dramatic movies about real events that took place in the past. However, this time, we are seeing a movie that prepared us nine years ago on how to deal with this pandemic.

The situation amazingly and frighteningly embodies the conspiracy theory that many do not believe in, even though it is a tangible reality in such a way that depicts our current miserable conditions in the face of the COVID-19.

I therefore invite the geniuses of our rational government, headed by the geniuses of medicine in our midst led by the Health Minister, to watch this dramatic movie as soon as possible — today and not tomorrow — to take lessons and learn from it.

The Health Minister continues to threaten us with curfews and quarantines after every overseas trip, in addition to the suspension of the Kuwaiti aviation movement, which will cause our national carrier to go bankrupt, even though the private Kuwaiti aviation company “Al-Jazeera” pocketed about KD 31 million in the last nine months, and keeping the list of the 34 banned countries susceptible to increase.

I say to His Excellency the Minister of Health and his assistants – if you do not have Netflix television network, we will do you a solid. The service costs about $15 for every few months … watch the movie and hopefully it will open up horizons for you. Stop operating in line with the famous adage — “Shut the door through which the wind is blowing.”

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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