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Virtuous have peaceful sleep

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Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Joe Biden is considered as a model of professional politician in the West. He started his political career at a very early age of 29 years as the Senator of Delaware State near Washington.

During his time as a senator, Biden used to take the train to the Congress and back. It seems he used to take the same train to get home after he ended his term as the Vice-President of the strongest country in the world.

In 2008, Barack Obama chose Biden as his Vice-President. Together they had completed the second term which started in 2013 after the Americans re-elected Obama for the second time.

Biden lost both his wife and daughter in a tragic traffic accident in 2015. He later also lost his son who suffered from cancer and died before reaching 45 years of age.

It is said that Biden was unable to afford the expenses of his son’s medical treatment. Even though this is not easy to believe, what we know is that the Vice-President of the most powerful and richest country in the world owns only $300,000. It is quite a humble sum of money owned by a political personality who spent more than 40 years in the American administration and had been member of many sensitive committees.

Biden went home with a relaxed mind after fulfilling his duty without any kind of suspicions, scandals or embezzlements.

Despite the various failures of the American administration, it managed to settle the moral bases that should be followed by most countries especially ours.

In Kuwait, which cannot be compared to America, the prime minister gave up one of the ministers few years ago and then reassigned the same minister under the same portfolio two years later. The prime minister did not inform us if that minister was a capable one or why he had given him up. He also did not explain to us why he reassigned the minister if he was considered incapable in the past.

The most serious issue is that this minister, who had nothing to do with politics four or five years ago, caused a lot of trouble for the state which resulted in loss of about KD2 billion from the public funds due to his decisions that negatively impacted a number of MPs and many citizens.

He created a case of envy among those who failed to get a share of his squandering as well as a case of heartbreak for those who really care about this country.

Eventually, the government resigned and the ministers went back home, including that minister who was relieved because he was assured that no one will investigate him for the disasters he caused. The reason why he is so relaxed is that he knows quite well that he is in Kuwait.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf