Trump disciplined Iran regime: Thank you audacious President

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THERE are a few presidents of the United States of America who have a significant place in history, both American and global, and there are presidents who are just among the number of presidents that occupied the White House without having any accomplishments worth mentioning.

The name of Donald Trump will undoubtedly be the most present in history if the liberation of slaves was associated with Abraham Lincoln, and Woodrow Wilson is recognized for championing the 14th International principles and calling for democracy and independence of the people, in addition to the idea of establishing the League of Nations, while Jimmy Carter’s name is known for his protection of marine lanes in the Gulf, and Ronald Reagan is remembered for leading the project to undermine the Soviet Union.

Despite the fact that he is the most controversial president in terms of domestic problems that exploded in his face during his march to the White House- and even after assuming the presidency, his recent impeachment by congress in which he was acquitted of all charges, Trump truly restored prestige to the United States economically by the procedures his administration approved against a number of countries through sanctions that changed the concept of conflict in several regions.

Politically, he managed to abort the plan of his predecessor Barack Obama regarding the Middle East, which was based on reviving Iranian interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries- especially the “Gulf Cooperation Council”, and paved the way for the recovery of terrorism that had begun to fade with the fierce campaign against the deadly act after Sept 11, 2001, in addition to his advocacy of Islamists in undermining Arab regimes by supporting the so-called “Arab Spring”.

Trump was honest with himself in the implementation of his electoral program from the word go, as he rescinded the disgusting nuclear agreement, which is actually similar to the Munich agreement in the 1930s that made Nazi Germany expand in Europe. Such expansionist scheme is what Tehran had sought, and if it had been able to carry on with the plan, it would have gained control of the majority of countries in the Arab world based on the modification of religious quotes, or in a clearer sense, it would have transformed religious culture into Iranian-style political ‘Shititism’, in line with Obama’s principle: “Rule the Arabs and do not come close to Israel.”

This agreement almost plunged us into the Persian chaos based on an old outdated vengeance, and Trump changed the course of Middle Eastern history by rescinding it. Perhaps, someone mighty claim he served Israel in this aspect, which is completely true, but he served the Arabs too. Testimony to this is his loyalty to the historical allies of the United States where he proved “it does not abandon friends in terms of difficulties”.

Trump’s efforts in North Korea may have failed but when it comes to Iran, he settled the matter without battle or war, which could have ended control of the current regime in Iran. There is no doubt that the conditions of North Korea and the Indo-Chinese subcontinent are different from what we have in this region, as we have a series of major crises persisting for decades, especially on the Palestinian issue that continues to cast its shadow on the situation of the Arab world and Middle East for a century.

As regards to the matter becoming complicated, the recent initiative presented by the US president to solve the Palestinian issue is the best Arabs have ever gotten, and if they reject it, there will be no chance for that purpose in future.

Trump did not establish a new war in the Middle East. Rather, he made the populist rejection to snowball until it managed to block the path in the face of Iran, and the outcome is the current uprising in Iraq that disregards any foreign control- especially Iranian control of their country, just as Iraqis reject the Mullahs and want to rule their country by themselves.

Undoubtedly, Arabs who possess political awareness and well-cultivated minds and understand the prevailing game of interests played by Trump would agree on the fact that he is the closest personality to Arabs through what he has provided and offered in an extension of the fruit reaped from Roosevelt’s historical alliance established with the Arabs in the Gulf States.

Indeed, if it were not for Trump, we would have been today victims of Iran- as mentioned earlier, amid an ongoing civil war in various parts of the region. It is enough that the war on terrorism still continues and the latest one is the elimination of the second man in command of al-Qaeda in Yemen, as well as the ‘liquidation’ of Al-Baghdadi and Soleimani who had wreaked terrorism in the whole region.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 29965 times!

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