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Wednesday , September 28 2022

Trivialities under focus, corruption overlooked

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The entire country has recently entered into a whirlpool of doubts, accusations and unprecedented demands due to the increase in the pace of corruption, the inability of the government, with all its executive, accounting and oversight bodies, to curb the escalation of devastation, or to face the overwhelming popular resentment and to add insult to injury the latest in the incidents is the subsequent desecration of the tombstones, in a strange precedent that is alien to our society.

There is no doubt that the government has its means to control any movement that disrupts security, but this is not the concern of the majority which aspires to immediately confront corruption and stop it, especially within the higher segment of society.

The wise were tired of constantly defending rational matters, such as refusing to raise salaries, refusing to drop loans, supporting reduced subsidies, opposing maintaining the prices of water and electricity services as they are with their calls for the need to consider imposing taxes on the high salary earners and other rational matters, however they are surprised that a group of influential people squander billions of state funds and are not punished even after some of them confessing to their crimes and offering to return the money they had embezzled.

In the midst of all this, we find well-known parties racing to decorate our streets with religious and political advertisements, originally prohibited by law. Their primary goal is to offend countries that have cut ties with the Brotherhood by highlighting false heroism about the refusal of some to face Israeli players in competitions or to benefit parties affiliated with them with money they collect from donations, and the evidence is that 12 billboards, for example, were placed in a street less than a kilometer long, carrying the same message.

Another religious party was also preoccupied with placing advertisements on the sidewalks in residential areas, warning men not to expose their thighs saying it is sinful.

These billboards made me sad for the many sins committed by the fathers and grandfathers, the builders of this country who had to expose their thighs while they were looking for a living by fishing, diving in search of pearls or traveling in search of trade.

It is unfortunate to see this continuous slide towards the authoritarian theocratic state without raising the voice of silencing those behind this slippage. It is unfortunate that the efforts of these parties are directed towards trivial matters, leaving all this corruption without saying even a word to stop it!

In another confirmation of our sliding towards the religious state, the Minister of Municipality issued a decision in which he opened the door to apply for a lawyers job to Sharia graduates after this job had been closed to them (for known reasons) in the past ten years.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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