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Treat the acute internal bleeding before it’s late

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The miserable grilling request submitted by MP Hamdan Al-Azmi against Defense Minister Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al-Ali Al-Sabah ended with the minister winning the confidence of the nation, or so it is assumed. It is one of the five worst interrogations in the history of Kuwait’s Parliament.

Yes, the interrogation ended for the benefit of those who want the best for this country – the country that is bleeding from its wounds due to such behaviors, but at what price?

Was it possible to avoid paying such a heavy price to save the minister from falling? Have the frustrating and costly interrogations ended, specifically what is intended to push us more to disbelief in democracy, and embarrass the government to show its unwillingness to continue or cooperate, dissolve the parliament, enter into a cycle of new elections, and so on. Will the National Assembly now devote itself to its vital and most important function to legislate laws?

It may need writing several articles to answer some of the above questions for in each interrogation there are government concessions to appease some parties which often have malicious goals, and are waiting for such opportunities to achieve the greatest returns for themselves or the religious parties they represent before they announce their positions to stand with the government, or against it.

There are concessions to others with promises of appointing relatives and allies to high government positions despite the serious harm that all of this causes. There are always financial benefits and advantages for others.

The government is also often forced to succumb to the pressures of extremist parties and push the entire state to slide towards a religious state, which is the most dangerous matter, though it is a model that all the countries of the region have abandoned, due to its misery and the obvious devastation it has caused.

We and the country and the political system have lost a lot because of these absurd interrogations, and it is possible, with great hesitation, to accept all the destruction that resulted so far if the last interrogation is the last of them but it is clear that the days are pregnant with others to come, and they will be more fierce and more expensive. Is this country still capable of bearing all these exorbitant psychological, material, political and moral costs because of such futile practices?

The administrative, security, health, cultural, political and economic situation is in a continuous deterioration, and it is clear that we lag behind our peers in everything and continue to deteriorate and be the end of all the beautiful things in our homeland.

 People of conscience demand from the enlightened leadership an end to this idleness, which has caused severe internal bleeding in the body of the state, which needs to be stopped before it is too late.

A final note: the interrogation ended with the deputy’s failure to push the minister to resign, but he succeeded in pushing us more towards the religious state, and tomorrow he will probably ask everyone who wants to work to obtain the approval from the guardian.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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