The Turkish-Iranian evil duo

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHEN two ideologically-contradictory groups, which have been in war with each other for decades, combine efforts, there is no doubt that the one they seek to confront has great strength that cannot be defeated by either one of them on their own.

This is the reality behind the Turkish-Iranian evil coalition that uses the two “Brotherhood” groups and the Shiite militia organizations as their tools in the Arab region. The first party conferred under the command of the Erdogan regime, which aims to revive a “sultanate” that was studied by brotherhood struggles over the leftover power following four centuries of dark occupation and backwardness in the Arab world. The second party is under the command of the Mullahs’ regime, which is working on reviving an empire that the Arabs overthrew and destroyed its hegemony.

The Ottoman and Persian camps are trying to play on the internal contradictions in several countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Lebanon. This is aimed to gain a foothold in the regional power equation that is currently forming in the Middle East. They are relying on the opportunistic forces that have not been able to achieve any of its goals for decades because their ideas contradict the natural logic of political development. They benefit from the enthusiasm that ignorance creates in some societies, such that it deludes that it is capable of defeating the forces.

What both Ankara and Tehran seek, through their paid arms, is to separate those countries, especially the Gulf ones, from their Arab and international umbrellas. They do this by moving their sleeper or vigilant cells to sabotage their relations with Washington and Tel Aviv to achieve its historical goal of annexing it, or turning it into a port for Iranian and Turkish warships.

On the other hand, this sabotage scheme does not stop at these countries. For over the past two decades, both sides have worked on increasing Palestinian isolation in the Arab world, either by appealing to Hamas and Jihad in Gaza, or by pushing the authority in Ramallah to Turkish arms, which did not adhere to the historic Makkah agreement for reconciliation, and is now resorting to the Ottoman embrace to announce reconciliation with Hamas. This confirms that the Palestinian concern is not to obtain national rights, but rather to benefit from the contradictions to continue accumulating personal wealth.

In addition to the above, the Turkish-Iranian axis of evil is carrying out a dirty scheme by stirring up sectarian strife on one hand, and on the other, weakening popular confidence in Arab regimes and inciting people against their governments to prevent them from proceeding with normalization of ties with Israel, in addition to exploiting purely local issues and dominating some of the joints of the national economy.

The unfortunate thing is that there are those who do not see beyond their noses and are working on helping Ankara and Tehran implement their malicious plan. Such an individual is unaware that by doing so, he is offering his country a plate of the blood of its citizens to them. And after achieving their goals, they will treat him like a single-use glove and toss him in the trash.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 24748 times!

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