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Sunday , September 26 2021

The three stations!

THE first station – When Abdul Fattah el-Sisi received power after the revolution that had rescued Egypt and the region from the evil of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, the media declared that an Egyptian officer had invented a machine that can treat Hepatitis C and AIDS as well as other such diseases.

Such an announcement was aimed at creating propaganda for the Egyptian Army.

At that time we mocked the so-called healing machine, claiming it is impossible for an officer with low technical and medical qualifications to invent a machine that can cure tough diseases which specialist doctors had failed to treat.

Our assumptions turned out to be true. The Egyptian Medical Syndicate decided to terminate three doctors who promoted the machine and insisted that it is good for practicing medicine.

Of course, that Major General was not included in the decision, as the Egyptian Medical Syndicate has no authority over him because he was and never has been a doctor. He is supposedly working in that position until today.

The second station – Some officials of the Public Authority for Printing and Publishing the Quran, Sunna and their Sciences were referred to the Public Prosecution over financial suspicions and allegations that no copy of the Holy Quran has been printed for many years since the time it was launched and announced the hosting of a scholar from London Abdul Haq bin Haqi Al-Turkomani to give a number of lectures on the proper way to treat non-Muslims.

I really do not know why we in Kuwait need someone to come from London and teach us how to treat non-Muslims.

We already know how to deal with non-Muslims. Our ancestors have been dealing with them for hundreds of years when they would trade with them and coexist with them as well. We did this well without the need for a scholar to teach us how to treat non-Muslims.

In fact, I believe the Muslims living in London are more in need of learning how to deal with non-Muslims. Some of them have forgotten the meaning of citizenship and rules of hospitality. They are involved in terrorism, crimes and murder, causing troubles for their families and the moderate Muslims as well as for innocent British citizens.

The third station – A picture went viral on social media of a drowning man extending his arms and calling for help. Under the picture, the following was written, “O’ infidel! Please help me live in your country, receive medical care in your hospitals, live in your buildings and establish my mosque using the donations given by you. On the platform of that mosque, I will pray to Allah to condemn you because you are an infidel and the successor of monkeys and pigs”.

Please note – The business whereby the lazy and the disabled can hire someone to carry out Umra ritual on their behalf seems to be making success. Now the client is asked to pay KD 1,750 to receive Umra for the next 25 years. The series of deceiving the naïve and capturing their money especially during the month of Ramadan continues.

email: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

By Ahmed Al-Sarraf

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