The solution lies in Beirut!

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Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

In any country where the people and citizens are basically not in charge of governance, you cannot expect its temporal fate to be stable and orderly without crises. It is impossible for a foreign guardian to build a country, not to talk of several guardians inside a tiny country. They hold different principles while sinking hands in the quagmire of myopic interests far from the national interests. In a situation whereby a guardian deposes the leader of a sect or something close to that, you cannot expect development in such a miserable country.

I spoke in many articles over the beautiful Lebanon about which we read and heard but not seen. Lebanon is afflicted with foreign principals as leaders such that it receives orders and is funded from outside, due to which it does not see beyond its interests and the interests of its financiers. Imagine that the dream of majority of citizens, who are among the most enlightened in the Middle East academically, is to get job opportunities outside the country, because there are no real opportunities in their country. All interests are held by leaders who have their personal principals, so you may find job or nothing in the identity card, depending on your personal loyalty or faction!

The Lebanese society is highly educated and among the most civilized in the region. It is capable of easily driving massive and monumental development. This is achievable only by ensuring loyalty is to Lebanon alone. Lebanon has patriots with pure minds who can perform wonders to secure peace and development, placing it among the most advanced countries in the Middle East.

I do not support the current demonstrations but I will not denounce it, because people’s demands are in order, as they have not asked for the impossible. It is unreasonable for the economic situation to reach such deplorable level. It is illogical that the wealth of politicians who have foreign principals (not all but most of them) increases while the masses are suffering in such disgusting situation. It is bad that the government imposes taxes on services and social media (including the most famously used WhatsApp).

In a country like Lebanon, due to empathy from its familiar situation, it is difficult for anybody to claim ownership of a paper that he finds interesting to keep for long, because the paper will lose its value before those who have nothing to lose during the demonstration of starvation. Hunger is a non-believer, so a hungry person doesn’t know anything like red or yellow line to stop when chips are down.

Lebanon deserves to be ruled by its people who are loyal to the country alone, not foreign principals who will use remote control to direct them. Lebanon is still breathing while there are patriotic citizens who feel the essence and pulsation of the moment. They know quite well that the sure solution for Lebanon is in Beirut, not in other known capitals.

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“Those who organize the most serious crises in history are individual weak believers without any power except faith … not psychologists or powerful people”

                              – Gustave Le Bon

By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

This news has been read 15421 times!

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