The defect that we fear of perpetually

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I arrived on Saturday evening aboard Middle East Airlines from Beirut, spending the last part of the trip in conversation with a well-known engineer and made an effort to defend some negative aspects in the country.

The plane arrived at the time we were informed of in Beirut, but the surprise is that our authorities at the international airport were  not aware of our arrival time and we had to stay in the plane for about ten minutes, waiting for the arrival of the securityman to operate the corridor or the moving tunnel that leads to the airport building.

During that time, I called Engineer Youssef Al-Fawzan, Director General of Aviation, and he told me that the matter is within the authority of the Ministry of Interior and he had no authority over it and that he would inform the concerned undersecretary.

We entered the airport, and it was almost empty of arrivals, yet it took more than twenty minutes for the bags to arrive and there were no arrivals at the airport except us.

The important thing is that I left the airport a full hour after the arrival of our plane, and this is a scandal, by all standards and it seems that it is repeated daily but people may give up on reform or are tired of complaining.

While waiting for the bags to arrive, I resorted to “WhatsApp”, to waste time, and a desire to overcome the boredom and anger that spread among the passengers over this unjustified neglect and lethargy, so my eyes fell, perhaps for the tenth time recently, on the news of the establishment of the Special Security Forces, and under the supervision of the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Private Security and Correctional Institutions Affairs, Major General Abdullah Safah Al Mulla, conducted an inspection campaign in the Central Prison that resulted in the seizure of many contraband and phones hidden in a secret way inside the prison.

The news also included, without logical reason, pictures and videos showing how or where the secret hideouts that prisoners used to hide these contrabands, or the ways smugglers used to smuggle contraband into the prison, and this is a free service for both parties to avoid in the future.

The story of smuggling contraband into prisons will not stop if the task of inspection, and other actions, are entrusted to citizens who have friends or relatives from the same sect or tribe, in prison since the sect and the tribe have become more important and higher than the homeland as the results of the elections always show, and the recent elections are not an exception.

Smuggling will continue, and there is no remedy for the situation without handing over the task of guarding the prison gates to a third party, and there is nothing wrong with that, as Terminal 4 at the airport is efficiently managed by the Koreans.

Three million residents live among us, doing thousands of jobs that we either have no time or experience to do, and even the legal minds in the courts are from these. The day we lost our homeland, we did not brag or feel shy about asking the foreigner to help us.

So, why all this reluctance to request temporary assistance, paid for, from a foreign company to carry out the task of maintaining security of entry to prisons, so long as we who failed to send a security man to open the door to enter the airport building for a plane that the authorities are supposed to have known of its arrival more than two hours before.

This is the fourth time, since after the liberation, that I personally faced such a predicament.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 24926 times!

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