The 3rd Reich to Mullah Republic … end is same

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHEN Khomeini succeeded in overthrowing the Shah of Iran in 1979, he lifted the slogan “Advancing until Jerusalem”.

However, throughout the last 39 years, the bearing of the Mullah regime has been shifting between Arab and foreign capitals without turning even once towards Jerusalem. Its last destination was the West where Hezbollah established money laundering, weapon smuggling and drugs networks.

It also created cells with the cooperation of “Polisario Front” and through the Iranian Embassy in Algeria. Despite all the events and evidences that prove this, Tehran has been quick in denying everything, like it always does whenever it is involved in a crime. In 1983, Iran denied responsibility for the bombing of the headquarters of US Marines and French forces in Beirut, Lebanon.

This bombing incident went on to become a sensation for Iran’s information media. An American court had issued a decisive ruling in this regard which Iran went on to deny.

The same applies to the bombing operations and hijacks of airplanes that the regime’s cells carried out in 1980s in Kuwait and Makkah. Despite the escape of one of the Hezbollah leaders Mustafa Badrudeen, during the Iraqi invasion in Kuwait, to Syria where he was appointed as the group’s military leader in Syria and was later killed, the Hezbollah gangs, just like their masters in Iran, deny any kind of involvement in such operations.

In fact, the arrogant peacock regime denied any involvement in the bombings that took place in Argentina and Africa. In case of the latter, the story is different. It starts with the building of networks for economic interests, and does not end with the Shiite movement propagated by the Revolutionary Guards. Iran keeps on denying its involvement in terrorist acts despite affirmations backed with evidences.

This includes the Mullah regime’s sponsorship of several criminal groups with creedal and sectarian affiliations, and al-Qaeda being one of its tentacles. The peacocks of lies continue to deny despite the fact that the terrorist group’s leaders live under the regime’s protection in Iranian towns where they plan their operations for various parts of the world. This regime keeps on denying, even after a court verdict was issued recently by one of the courts in the USA that ordered Iran to pay compensation worth $6 billion to the families of the victims who died in the terrorist attack executed by al-Qaeda organization on Sept 9, 2001.

The history of lies and evasion will no longer work with people, because it is impossible for everybody to be a liar, and for only the criminal to be truthful. A principle well-known to everybody is that a criminal denies his action to escape from punishment such that he will claim innocence and portray himself as a victim of injustice after a verdict might have been issued against him.

This is to ensure that the claim becomes a justification for committing another crime. Tehran has been doing just this whereby its leaders are under the illusion that countries are groups of gullible people who could fall for such lies.

The current conduct of Iran is similar to several other regimes that perpetrated terrorism over the years in a bid to impose their will, to the extent of sending out their affiliated cells. Despite all that, they ended up falling through economic collapse and famine after global isolation, leading to internal revolutions, civil wars and military defeat.

This was the situation China faced after 1949 when Mao Tse Tung foisted himself on it during a civil war that claimed tens of thousands of lives. He repeated his initial conduct in the 1960s under the slogan “Cultural Revolution”.

China did not get over that catastrophe until his death. In the case of Japan, it expanded across Asia through military campaigns, committing atrocities against many countries. It did not become an economically strong country until its defeat in the World War II when it was hit with nuclear bombs. Probably, the similarity between the Nazi project and its Iranian counterpart is very close to reality.

The former, through Hitler, had planned to take control of Europe such that he burnt six million Jews in one of the cruelest crimes against humanity. He eventually committed suicide inside a tunnel at the heart of Berlin when his forces were defeated in the war. This is exactly what Iran is doing in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Libya today.

The leadership of Iran has currently been bragging that they control four Arab capitals. At the same time, they are attempting to plant espionage and conspiracy cells in Kuwait, the latest being the famous Abdali Cell.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they incited the executed criminal Nimr al-Nimr to provoke sectarian seditions. They established their organization in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia as well as in Bahrain. Despite that Tehran continued to deny its involvement with these destructive groups. However, when Saudi Arabia carried out discretionary penalty on al-Nimr, the rage of Khomeini was awakened. His Intelligence men burned down the Saudi embassy in Tehran based on an order from the commander of the Revolutionary Guards.

Recently, the Israeli Prime Minister announced Mossad’s possession of 55,000 secret documents about the Iranian nuclear military project and called the observers of International Atomic Energy Agency to investigate this matter.

The US Secretary of State also confirmed this, adding that this information has been with the US Intelligence since 2004. It has thus become crystal clear that Iran kills and then attends the funeral ceremony of the dead. This fact pushes the world not to allow Iran to become another nightmare like North Korea, which has discovered that the end of this road is more of starvation and international isolation, and that nuclear bombs will not benefit it at all.

However, the difference is that Pyongyang has no militias like Iran that practice terrorism in the world. The Mullah leaders will not benefit from all these operations and activities because they have become quite aware that their only way for survival is to give in to the international community All they have to do is read the biography of Saddam Hussein and his expansion ambitions that took him to the hanging rope.

The major powers that had signed the nuclear deal have already started reconsidering the deal, and are awaiting the decision of the US administration to suspend the nuclear deal. It is up to the peacock regime leaders to find their heads


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

[email protected]

This news has been read 11465 times!

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