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Thanks to coronavirus

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

IN an unprecedented global phenomenon, the entire world does not have any issue other than fighting the coronavirus outbreak which has spread to every part of the world at an extraordinary speed beyond all expectations.

Earlier, shortsighted individuals, senior officials and leaders of some countries had rejoiced over what befell the countries they did not like such as China and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The virus had spread in those countries when it surfaced initially, and the death rate was high in both countries. However, God only delays, not ignores. The virus quickly spread to the countries that were rejoicing, such that “one is not better than the other” in the language of our Egyptian brothers.

Rejoicing over the divine misfortunes and disasters that befall others is unacceptable and abhorred for humans, because it is not an attribute of a reasonable person.

In Kuwait, we wholeheartedly thank the Humanitarian Leader for sending donations to the affected countries such as China, Iran, Syria, Iraq and others … it exemplifies humanitarian solidarity.

Back to the main subject of the article, our strange thanks to this coronavirus; every creature across the globe has been praying to Allah for protection and rescue from it as soon as possible. However, we take an opposing path for thanking it! Our strange thanks to coronavirus – yes, coronavirus – as Kuwait and its people are taking unprecedented procedures to fight the outbreak, making the country top the entire world for the first time in decades.

We lately suffered decline in corruption index, as there was a sharp increase in corruption in all aspects of life. Oil prices fell quickly, and since oil accounts for over 90 percent of our revenues, our fiscal reserves went down since we continue to spend billions irresponsibly!! These billions did not go into development projects but for paying salaries and entitlements to please Kuwaiti and expatriate employees in government departments, agencies, foundations, bureaus and public authorities among others. The employees in those offices work for days and collect salaries without realizing any tangible works or communal achievements.

Lately wherever we face, we saw failure and backwardness in our position globally and in comparison to our brothers who used to be on the same level as us not too long ago. This is why we are excited over taking top position in combating the coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, don’t blame us for thanking coronavirus from the bottom of our hearts.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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