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Syria crisis of existence

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

DID the regime and opposition in Syria need a large number of deaths, injuries and displacement of the people, along with massive destruction and military interference, in order to be convinced to return to the declaration of Geneva I Conference on Syria three years after its issuance?

Isn’t the final statement issued by the opposition representatives, who met recently in Riyadh, regarded as their acknowledgement that dialogue with the regime is the only way out of the circle of fire which has been surrounding Syria since 2011?

Today, this has no effect because the Syrian crisis was internationalized when Iran and Russia interfered — in addition to the existence of ISIL which continues to cut off chunks of Syria and Iraq, as well as the positions taken by Iran’s leadership against the sovereignty of nations.

Here is the commander of the Army of Guardians of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari who recently called for ‘wiping out’ the borders with Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. He said, “The reason behind Iran’s interference in Syria is to defend its internal security.” He linked the destiny of the Mullah regime with the outcome of the war. This should motivate Syrians to seriously look for solutions to maintain their unity, not only through statements – whether issued by the opposition or the regime.

Indeed, the opposition’s statement can be considered an advanced step towards finding a way to end the crisis. However, due to fresh developments in the crisis, it has become imperative for the two local parties to postpone disputes on certain issues until further notice. This will pave way for uniting efforts to curb foreign interference, especially the one pointed out by the opposition regarding the increasing rate of naturalization among Iranians in Syria.

If the rapid demographic change through the naturalization of Iranians in Syria, as claimed by the opposition in Syria is true, this change will thwart the future solutions, that is, in case the entire Syrian forces fail to unite in fighting against the new invaders in order to avert the risks.

When a Revolutionary Guards leader calls for the removal of borders between three Arab countries, he is indirectly announcing the annexation of these countries to the Mullah empire because he considers it the focal point of defending the regime. Once that happens, there won’t be any benefit from fighting for power between the local oppositions – whether in Lebanon, Syria or Iraq — because once the Mullah regime achieves its objective, it will eliminate the political systems.

Therefore, the main objective of the children of these countries is to defend their sovereignty and independence. Focus on the form of rule should come only when the risk of existence completely subsides, especially the threat posed by the Mullah regime, as expressed by its Revolutionary Guards Commander.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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