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Wednesday , September 28 2022

‘Surgical strike needed to eradicate corruption from public sector’

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‘Put right man in right place’

WHAT His Highness the Prime Minister announced last week about serious steps to tackle the scourge of corruption is worth praising and supporting,” columnist and the Editor-in-Chief of Al-Seyassah e-newspaper Sattam Ahmad Al-Jarallah wrote for Al- Seyassah daily.

Sattam Al Jarallah

The announcement undoubtedly meets the aspirations of Kuwaitis, but the job will remain ‘half-done’ without a surgical strike to eradicate the despots of corruption from various government sectors.

Then and only then the country can boast of ‘still waters’ on which the business system was built during the recent past or rather decades.

The most important step in this context is to start putting the right man in the right place without bowing to the forces of tribalism, sectarianism and partisan tendencies – particularly the partisans who currently control the main joints of several institutions and sectors, who seek to establish a transparent scientific and legal system in the area of tenders and projects away from satisfaction and law enforcement.

With his wisdom and doing away with ‘exceptions’ that were the main causes of the disease of corruption in itself the Prime Minister and the rest of the ministers have accepted the challenge as they have embarked to complete a very vital task.

During the current phase, populist calls will increase, because they are the fuel for the upcoming elections, and the remainder of the life of the current Parliament. The context in which the parliamentary practice is going on confirms this, which means that any concession made by the government today will undermine all its previous efforts.

Yes, the opportunity is historic, time is short, and decisiveness is required, and any negligence will lead to the expansion of corruption, and the current stage will be rife to settle accounts. This is the worst that Kuwait can afford.

So either the current approach in tackling corruption will become a government behavior that will take hold even of future governments or the disease will continue to spread and increase the pain of Kuwaitis.

There is no doubt that the Kuwaitis today fully support His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled. They seem to tell the Premier ‘do it we put our trust in you, Khaled, and what began with the files of corruption and conspiracy against the Brotherhood must be completed by ridding Kuwait of the Brotherhood and its sisters, and by that I mean all the corrupt must be dealt with (with an iron fist).

This is what the Kuwaitis are currently awaiting from the first government of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, who will undoubtedly not disappoint them (the Kuwaitis).”

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