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Thursday , April 22 2021

Stop dancing with snakes, be government of decision

IT is an old government with four new faces … but at least, it is not a transitional or rather a caretaker government like the previous one which had led to further paralysis of the state institutions.

Despite its old age, we hope it will better the situation of Kuwait. Otherwise, we will end up in square one after all the justifications given in the past weeks and months which led to a crisis that was never experienced in Kuwait in the last six decades.

All we hope is for His Highness the Prime Minister and the ministers to abide by the royal directives of His Highness the Amir, and to have learned from past experiences so that they do not fall into the same traps or commit the same mistakes they did in the past.

The current economic and financial situation is critical and sensitive amid the regional conditions. This necessitates the existence of a strong decision-making government that is capable of confrontation and does not shiver in fear of parliamentary questioning or turn into a victim the minute the MPs, collectively or individually, encroach on their powers, because they, through that are contradicting  the constitutionally stipulated principle of separation of powers.

Indeed, it is a great challenge that His Highness the Prime Minister has to overcome … otherwise, more weakness awaits the prestige of the state. Therefore, he has to set the record straight.

The MPs are here to legislate and monitor, and not to bully a speciality minister through a journalist or an informant in order to impose on him his sick desires. There shouldn’t be a minister who yields to an MP to suspend a recreational activity for the public, as if he is an employee in his secretariat, and not the incumbent of the highest executive authority in his institution. This was what led to the current devastation that we are enduring … due to the weakness of the executive authority.

Likewise, a minister shouldn’t waste the public funds on illegal appointments and employment, or bid deals, to serve an MP who only sees democracy as a ladder to illegal wealth at the expense of the voters. In the end, the same MP comes out bragging how he made this or that MP submit to his will.

This is not a time pass government … It is responsible for getting the country out of the tunnel of the worsening crisis, and restoring confidence in the economy and financial strength, both internally and externally. This will only be achieved by putting an end to the MP-MP tussle and MP-minister’s struggle for influence.

If this continues, it will open the gates of corruption, which will flood all aspects of this country … Hence there is a need of having a Cabinet that is able to take decisive actions. Whenever it finds obstinacy or waste of time on the side of the MPs, it shouldn’t withdraw from confrontation or flee by resigning. Instead, the ministers should use their individual constitutional powers, which start with submitting a letter of non-cooperation with the parliament, and end with suspending the constitution. This is necessary so that the country does not fall even an inch into the the controversies that prevailed in the past years.

Perhaps His Highness the Prime Minister and his Cabinet should ponder over the events of the previous phase, and stop following the policy of dancing with the snakes of corruption and opportunism that made the Kuwaitis resort to the National Assembly to implement their demands as if there is no government or a system of government.

The Cabinet must also ponder over the past cruel lessons … otherwise, this government will survive longer than its predecessor. However, it may be the last chance for His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled and the ministers in whom we still have faith.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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