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State Security … Great fires start from tiny sparks

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IN true democratic countries, you hardly feel the presence of the internal security agencies, because the mission of these agencies is to promote democracy, protect individual rights, fortify the state, and submit to the country’s leaders reports based on in-depth studies of the economic and political situation. The members of these agencies are honest, patriotic and loyal advisors.

As for some Third World countries, this apparatus becomes a source of concern for everyone, even senior statesmen, due to the absence of oversight and granting to these agencies powers outside the scope of the law. They hence practice oppression and abuse, and spy on people’s privacy. It leads to the spread of corruption because its officers become the masters whose demands are never turned down. They transgress the sanctities without any accountability. If any crime or transgression is exposed, the matter is either filed against an unknown person – and there are many unknowns in the Third World – or the promotion of the perpetrator is delayed, which is the most that can be done.

The state security services in those countries lead coups, and orchestrate assassinations. Their suppression of people has led to uprisings and chaos, in addition to social and political backwardness, and economic weakness, because its members devoted themselves to bribery and extortion. However, in countries that respect the freedoms of their people, such practices cannot be witnessed, and are classified in the category of “mafia business”.

The mission of the State Security Department is very sensitive. It hence needs men who are loyal to their country, and not those who work for the interests of those who are higher than them in ranks. They must be trained and qualified, and not all of their abilities are in fishing competitions and that small fish do not win.

The personnel in these agencies do not deceive the leadership. The administration is not entrusted to a person who is naive, surrounds himself with a handful of officers who portray every step he takes as a great achievement, and is satisfied with what is conveyed to him from these. When you ask any of them about an act against the law, he says, “I have orders from above”.

Your Highness the Minister of Interior, we are in a country ruled by a just ruler, who reflects on what is in the book of his Lord and knows the commands and prohibitions, and a crown prince who fears Allah, is humble and pious, and insists that no one is above the law regardless of his social status or position.

Therefore, it is necessary to work on reforming what was corrupted by some state security officers who worked in violation of the law. We must thank the circumstances that revealed not only the recent case of the arrested officer, as this is in the custody of the Public Prosecution that performs its duty to the fullest, but what citizens and expatriates are usually exposed to in terms of oppression and fabricating charges.

We do not hide from you, Your Highness, that we have become fearful of the persistence of the officers of this administration in violating the law. We do not know for whom, but if we know, then it is the mother of all the major sins.

Hence, there must be a great upheaval in the apparatus, which must be provided with conscious security minds loyal to the Amir, the Crown Prince, and to Kuwait.

One of the scourges of perdition is to belittle evil. The famous poet of the Abbasid era, Al-Mutanabbi, was right when he said, “All accidents start with a look, as great fire starts from tiny sparks. How many looks have pierced the heart the way arrows do without a bow or a bowstring? As long as a person turns his eyes around in the sight of others, it warns of danger. His eyeballs persist on the harm of his spirits, and there is no point of joy which comes with harm”.

In this regard, whoever believes that he is above the law due to his social status and for being the son of so and so, they should stop ignoring the fact that the hands of justice reach everyone, like what His Highness the Amir and the Crown Prince said. So whoever does not honor integrity will surely bring harm to himself.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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