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‘Sheikh Abdullah you are a descendant from the glorious past’

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“SHEIKH Abdullah Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad is known for his gentleness and dedication to serving his homeland, in addition to his high morals and humility, and for this he is like a fruit tree that young people seek to throw stones at, which even after giving its fruits stands tall,” columnist Sattam Ahmad Al- Jarallah wrote for Al-Seyassah daily.

Sattam Al Jarallah

“This man has great popularity. In addition to the good qualities he was brought up with, everyone shares their joys and sorrows, and there is no doubt that Kuwait needs the likes of this man. “Sheikh Abdullah is bigger than the “hashtag” some people try to pull him down with ‘Twitter’ in order to distort his bright image. These petty games do not discourage him from facing difficulties, because he is one of the statesmen who works untiringly without boredom, and continues day and night to serve their homeland, whether they are in higher position or otherwise.

“It has become customary in Kuwait, especially for the ‘weak’ souls, to work to obstruct any proposal that does not serve their narrow personal interests, or they are afraid of merely talking about a abstract competitor, and therefore they resort to distorting his image. “They continue with their nonsense unabated, but they always reap the fruits of their evil deeds that is why we saw how the Kuwaitis rushed to support Sheikh Abdullah Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad through ‘hashtags’ when others wanted to distort this bright image. This was like a referendum on the love and appreciation of men.

“Those who know Sheikh Abdullah closely are aware of the summary of the good qualities that he took from the Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad School in protecting the position and seeking reform and raising the interest of Kuwait above all interests. “He does not go down to the level of young gamers but continues to give and work, and does not pay attention to nonsense that only works for those who cannot turn into a fruitful tree to serve their country. “That is why we say to Sheikh Abdullah Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad: You are a descendant from the glorious past.”