Shameful MP behavior

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MORE than five months have passed since the elections of the National Assembly of December 5, 2020; yet not a single tangible achievement has been realized by the Parliament or any of its members. There has been nothing but irresponsible statements and actions that even children are ashamed of.

We witnessed many of these behaviors a long time ago such as when an MP entered the National Assembly with a loudspeaker as if he was in a market for used cars, when some MPs verbally abused the Secretary-General and tried to snatch his papers, and when some MPs sat in the front seats, which have been assigned for ministers from the time of the approval of the Constitution until now. The last act had prompted the ministers to refrain from attending the session, and the matter was raised by the National Assembly Speaker.

We have been saying that we wish these MPs would stop such reckless behavior, as well as their threats to submit absurd interpellations against His Highness the Prime Minister and a few ministers at one time. This is unprecedented and does not happen even in the islands of Al-Waqq Waq!

On Tuesday, May 25, we were surprised by the recurrence of such irresponsible behaviors, which led to the decision of His Highness the Prime Minister and the ministers not to attend the sessions. We do not blame them for that, so as not to create a chaos unprecedented in the legislative and oversight authority in which the MPs represent their constituency or all members of the Kuwaiti community. Such inconsiderate behavior is being witnessed by the whole world and harms the reputation of Kuwait, its people and its democracy. Therefore, we have nothing to say except that it is the fault of the voters.

Some MPs of the December 5, 2020 National Assembly had even decided to submit an interpellation against the honorable young minister Dr Sheikh Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammed, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is a young doctor who is honorable to Kuwait and its people. We saw him give a speech at the United Nations about our brothers – the people of Palestine – who are plagued by the Zionists and their corrupt leaders from Arafat to Abbas, Haniyeh and others.

In his speech, he expressed love for the brotherly people of Palestine. He is a young man who speaks three languages (Arabic, English and French) fluently. After delivering the speech at the United Nations, he returned to Kuwait immediately, and we saw a picture of him with one of the foreign ministers visiting Kuwait. All this means that he devotes himself to serving his homeland, Kuwait, as a senior official but he also ended up receiving a grilling request, the basis of which we do not know.

This is tangible evidence of the confusion of those MPs who inevitably do not know anything.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 26968 times!

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