‘Set up body to monitor polls’

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Undoubtedly after sixty years of bitter experiences, our democracy is still incomplete, immature and not universally recognized as a true democracy but we are satisfied with the situation, albeit reluctantly, with our feeling that it is necessary to support it with amendments that make it more difficult to penetrate and more respectful from us and others.

During every parliamentary election, there are serious accusations about candidates transferring the votes of citizens from one residential area to another by changing their home addresses on the civil IDs temporarily and before closing the door for voter registration which is usually held in February of each year during which the names of the deceased are written off, those who had reached the voting age added, or who had changed their home addresses.

It is difficult to prove the large transfers of voters from one region to another when a venerable person is at the head of the Public Authority of Civil Information (PACI). The process of changing or moving the home address need efforts of so many employees and it is difficult to ensure their silence forever, therefore it is necessary to close the door of excuses and silencing the voices of skeptics about the integrity of the electoral process and the integrity of the civil information apparatus, through the establishment of a permanent national election commission whose mission is:

To arrange, supervise and monitor elections; to adopt the issue of the civil card to vote in any upcoming elections, doing with the national certificate; abolishing the current system of electoral lists; careful implementation of PACI’s decision to refuse to transfer a residential address before one year has passed while approval shall be based on proof such as the electricity and water bill, or a certificate from the mayor of the region, etc.

Establishing an independent election authority will save the country a lot of effort and money, and make voter lists accurate and ready for use at any moment. Its creation will eliminate the manipulation of residential addresses and the unfair seasonal transfer of addresses.

It will also greatly limit the influence of the dual-nationality citizens on the election results, especially those who arrive in the country to cast their votes in exchange for money and return back to where they came from.

This authority can be supported by requiring the owners of buildings and rented homes to inform the Ministry of Interior or PACI with all the information about their residents and to document movements for security reasons and to prevent tampering with the addresses listed on the civil ID, whether the resident is a citizen or an expatriate.

We wish, His Highness the designated prime minister pay attention to this proposal as its implementation will please many sincere people.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 18361 times!

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