‘Roots of terror group run deep in society’

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Some time ago, the authorities arrested 12 teenagers, high school students, and referred them to the judiciary for committing crimes against the state security, after it was discovered that they had joined the terrorist organization ISIS, and incited others to join it and adopt its ideas. For years, we have suffered from the reluctance on the part of the concerned authorities to deal firmly with members or supporters of terrorist movements.


Their laxity has pushed them to go further and move freely, especially at the height of the Syrian civil war, where we saw former MPs, academics, and activists collecting “huge sums of money” to buy various types of weapons to send to Syria. The government’s inaction and hesitation, often due to parliamentary pressure, also contributed to enabling ISIS to extend its roots deep into soft parts of Kuwaiti society, and this is what we found in the student cell that was uncovered and other cells, and the bombings and killings that occurred.

The most recent of which is the arrest two days ago of a terrorist who confessed to belonging to a banned organization and planning terrorist acts and the participation of two other defendants with him, who, unfortunately, work in the Ministry of the Interior. This means that the security services are infiltrated, the universities are infiltrated, and the secondary schools are infiltrated, and that there is someone who has is directly in contact with the ISIS leaders in Syria, as stated by the last accused, who intended to carry out a terrorist operation against the American Arifjan base. We repeat our warning of the danger of this organization, and the best indicator of its success is in recruiting young people from Kuwait, the most just, open, and prosperous country compared to others.

This means that it has its own strengths, and they are no longer tempted by the “young girls,” with their complete inability to ask: Why did he not go away? He promised them poplars to meet her? This organization, which emanated mainly from the Muslim Brotherhood, the head of the snake, has created a position for itself, and it will be difficult to remove it, as long as the Brotherhood is present on the scene, and with all this power and political infl uence. I do not care about everything that has been rumored about who is behind ISIS, as it will remain nonsense in the absence of conclusive evidence. Everything that has been rumored about statements made by Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton, that America was behind the creation of ISIS, is talk that has nothing to do with the truth.

This does not mean that several countries have not exploited ISIS and benefited from it in one way or another. Therefore, what concerns me is that ISIS is an extremist religious movement. It may find funding here or there, but its members are not mercenaries. The goal of the mercenaries is money. As for the ISIS fighters the goal is captivity and spoils, or the beautiful women they get if they kill someone. For them, death is a testimony, and the evidence is that among them are those who left their work, their family, and their university to fight or be killed.

If we look at the religious activity carried out by tens of thousands of schools and religious groups in our countries, and even in Muslim schools in Western countries, over the course of nearly half a century, including what caused the emergence of the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and other extremist organizations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere, we would not be surprised by the continued presence of ISIS among us, as these are the fruits of that extremist sectarian implantation. What is strange, or perhaps natural, is that the actions of ISIS have not, so far, received the condemnation they deserve, let alone criminalization, whether from clerics or institutions such as Al-Azhar, Najaf, Qom, and others, especially since ISIS has not issued any strange action or opinion religiously. The authorities should not limit themselves to confronting this dangerous organization security-wise, but rather try to uproot it intellectually, and this is another story.

By Ahmad alsarraf
e-mail: [email protected]

This news has been read 2278 times!

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