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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

KUWAIT was not built on the sand of the Gulf beach that is prone to destruction due to waves of personality clashes or tribal and sectarian politics. It is a strong nation supported by the strength of a society which is united by culture, traditions and norms based on loyalty.

Therefore, it is impossible for Kuwait to be shaken by the desires of certain parties. Kuwait will remain as it has always been for the past 400 years until the end of the world. It will remain a nation for those who believe in it, as they sacrificed their lives to protect the country against the agents of external forces. Whoever does not understand this should refer back to the history of the national experience — not only in 1990, but also the centuries and decades prior to that event.

Yes, everybody has the right to express his opinion over every issue, but it should be done in line with the principles of loyalty — both in speech and action. One should remember that those who died for the nation were not driven by personal, tribal or sectarian emotions. They were not driven by any reason other than patriotism and the desire to protect properties and the nation.

They translated their national feelings into sacrifice. They laid down their lives to protect national sanctity, because they were brought up based on loyalty to Islamic and Arabian Kuwait. They did not allow fake feelings to control them, so their blood and lives interpreted Article 29 of the Constitution which stipulates that every human being is equal in dignity. They are all equal before the law, in public rights and duties — while there is no discrimination among them based on gender, origin, language and religion.

Considering these facts, the attempts made by some political losers to mislead people will not work on the citizens of Kuwait. Even if they find a handful of people supporting them, they will end up like lepers caught in the cobweb of memory loss and they will be miserable forever.

Anybody who is blindfolded by political aggrandizement should understand that the Arabian Gulf Kuwaitis are always capable of surviving from the disease of political and electoral blackmails by taking the national unity medicine. For this, everybody saw that Kuwait did not break down when some position-seekers moved away as they failed in their political blackmail or in boycotting the fair electoral system that served everybody by ending long years of oppression.

The country will not be affected at all if a couple of lawmakers threaten to resign under the pretext that their political speeches represent the position of a certain section of the society. They should work hard, because the ballot boxes will reveal their true colors, while the outcome will serve as a bitter lesson for them.

Yes, whoever believes he can strip Kuwait of its skin and dress it with an imported garment is deadly wrong. He is even more wrong if he assumes that he has the capacity to push for any proposal which contradicts Kuwait’s nature and historical culture. He should consult the Constitution and read its articles thoroughly to understand its meaning before thinking towards that direction. He should take off his eyes from the vision of investing tribal or sectarian emotion of people. He should look around himself to see the real nature of Kuwait, which the invaders have failed to change for ages.

Kuwait is not impotent; it is a prolific child bearer that steadily produces people who are capable of defending it and its unity, and are never afraid of blame from blackmailers or the greedy for being patriotic.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 9172 times!

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