President Trump readjusts compass in US

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

PRESIDENT of the United States of America Donald Trump has readjusted the compass, turning it towards the actual manufacturer of terrorism — the Iranian regime.

After eight years of the presidential tenure of his predecessor Barack Obama, who had adopted the style of stalling, giving opportunities to terrorism and abandoning the American allies, Trump affirmed the commitment of the USA to protect its allies.

Obama’s attitude had contributed to increased tensions in the region and made Iran open new fighting frontiers, either directly like the wars in which Iran’s Revolutionary Guards is engaged in Iraq and Syria or indirectly like in Yemen through the Houthi rebels and in Lebanon through the Hezbollah. It also interfered in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait through installation of destructive cells.

In the previous years, Iran was transformed into a refuge for the al-Qaeda organization in order to manipulate countries and leave windows of influence open for it in Afghanistan and other countries where the organization’s cells exist. At the same time, Iran has been indirectly working on the establishment of DAESH.

However, after the terrorist organization started losing the grounds that it once controlled, Iran masked itself and did not hesitate to open its borders for its fighters and the injured. In fact, it supplied them with medical tools, weapons and safe places of refuge for the families of its fighters. Despite all that, the West and Europe awarded it with prizes because of the former American policies.

The stance taken by the current American president was the one that many countries worldwide needed in order to ensure an actual confrontation with the terrorism of past 38 years, which had managed to hit hard in almost all corners of the world starting from Beirut to Argentina via Europe and not ending in the USA as long as there is someone to give this evil regime reasons to live.

Trump’s stance needs to be transformed into reality by reinstating blockage and stopping all financial “reactors” which led to the nuclear deal and made Iran flex its muscles on rest of the Arab countries as well as the United States of America. The most recent of such provocations was the ballistic missile test conducted by Iran, which poses direct threat to international peace.

With the new US direction, the world has started sensing an awakening in the White House, following a long slumber of the previous administration, through which several terrorist groups were listed as “terrorist”. This includes groups such as Hezbollah, which has been practicing all kinds of destruction and terror in the past decades, and the Muslim Brotherhood Group, of which the former American President Barack Obama was a spokesperson and protector instead of declaring it as a terrorist group.

For the past eight years, the GCC countries have been warning about the risks involved in rehabilitating Iran’s regime and reinstating it back in the international arena. However, the Obama administration did not pay heed to those warnings, making it seem as though America was a partner to the crimes committed by Tehran’s regime.

Nonetheless, following the stance taken by Trump, there is a possibility for the real criminal to be held accountable for his crimes and for his evil to be brought to an end. This is what we have been waiting for from the new US administration, which has taken confrontation as its trend.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times



This news has been read 14838 times!

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