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Politics minefield of risks – ‘Public opinion biggest lie’

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

Abdulrahman Al-Kawakebi once said, “Advice is nonsense if it is not accepted by ears that are looking forward to listening”. A politician is often suspected and accused of corruption. This is a common viewpoint about a politician. Every politician has to have a unique point of view. He has to pay attention to unreal accusations.

Dear politicians, as long as you are a public figure, you will be burdened by suspicions and doubts despite your good deeds and fine behavior. There will be eyes on you wherever you go. A basic quality of a politician is that you have to be smart when dealing with public opinion. The Scottish historian and critic Thomas Carlyle of the 18th century once said, “Public opinion is the biggest lie throughout history”.

Being a politician requires special talent and early calling as well as an educational background in political sciences. A politician must also study relevant issues such as theology, dialogue management, a bit of psychology, physiognomy and diplomacy. He must acquire skills of escaping from critical situations safely.

Basically, politics begins with a project on a single individual who starts practicing politics at a very early stage with his own self before others. He must outline his plan which should represent the ground on which he will reap fruits. A man can be either a farmer or an heir. A politician can be one of those two. Some deal with politics as a ‘game of possibilities’.

Nevertheless, it needs strong foundation made of deep-rooted principles and values because politics is just like quicksand. Your ally of today can be your opponent tomorrow who will confront you. Therefore, politics knows no security. When it comes to politics, caution is a must, reserve is needed, certainty is doubted and every doubt has some certainty.

One has to deal with others using intelligence and astuteness because the field of politics knows no mercy. It can be devastating; therefore one has to choose his allies very carefully. A politician must know that it is not certain whether those who supported him in the elections will be satisfied with his parliamentary performance or not. Principles sometimes change and a politician’s highest principles can form obstacles in his career.

Dear politician, pay attention to your ideology, concepts and your way of thinking. Focus on the way you revise your areas. Are you the product of history that can help you improve your political levels? Or are you a farmer and not an heir, with reference to what I mentioned earlier?

A farmer cultivates the land but it is not sure if he can collect the expected harvest. However, he will succeed in paving the ground to walk steadily without fear. You have to take risks where they have to be taken.

The German philosopher Niche said, “Frivolity is part every success achieved”. This means no success can be achieved unless frivolity is part of it.

Be a judicious and dignified politician who gains the respect of his opponents before his supporters. Hold on to sufficient intuition which will enable you to tug on the rope of initiative. Keep holding the strings of the political puppet and know well when to tighten and when to release. Never use the political trapeze; remember that you are a statesman and not an acrobat. A politician who cannot be a statesman can do jobs in any field but politics.


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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