‘Petty criminals cannot tarnish residents image’ – ‘Deport law-breaking expats’

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Khaled Aljenfawi
Khaled Aljenfawi

According to a recent news report published by the Arab Times “two unidentified expatriates were arrested in possession of a number of barrels and bottles of locally manufactured liquor in Sabah Al-Ahmad area.”

Meanwhile “two expatriates — a Pakistani and an Indian — were arrested for gambling in front of a building in Abu Halifa area” (Arab Times, May 27, 2016). The majority of our expatriate workforce is very hard working and honest people who try to earn a decent living in Kuwait while contributing in enriching our culture.

However, it happens sometimes that a number of reckless, crime-prone, hardened criminals attempt to tarnish the excellent image of our expatriate friends and partners. Culprits, who happen to be residents, and who are caught committing petty crimes, like selling locally manufactured liquor or gambling in public, represent the worst examples of those who do not appreciate the good opportunities Kuwait offers its citizens and expats.

The thriving economy of Kuwait offers great potentials for both citizens and expats who wish to improve their lives. Kuwait continues to provide equal opportunities of success to anyone who wishes to succeed. However, it is obvious that there are a number of individuals who do not appreciate the opportunities Kuwait provides for everyone to achieve success. In fact, it is impossible not to call those persons who intentionally violate our laws as already hardened criminals.

I recommended in one of my previous articles that our embassies abroad should insist on requiring the records of everyone who wishes to obtain a work visa. Moreover, I also recommended in another article that we should request official documents proving the mental health of house helpers, especially those who will be working with children in Kuwait.

I do differentiate between hard working and law-abiding expats and that is a very tiny minority who do not deserve to be in Kuwait! Our hard working and honest expats contribute to the development of our economy in both public and private sectors. It is actually a fact that almost all Kuwaitis appreciate the contributions of our decent and honest residents.

Those individuals who run gangs offering the illegal services of absconding maids, commit human trafficking via setting up vice dens do not represent expats and they should be apprehended, prosecuted, imprisoned or deported. No one has the right to upset the peace and tranquility of both citizens and expats.

Those who think they can become machos or petty criminals, form gangs, swindle expats and citizens in Kuwait; and those who engage in disruptive behaviors in public should be punished severely. I call on the Ministry of Interior to increase its security campaigns and focus more on highly congested areas like industrial and bachelor blocks in or around residential areas.


By Khaled Aljenfawi

This news has been read 4231768 times!

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